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Pve queue ui - missing 4 pves

loverofwarsloverofwars Member Posts: 399 Arc User
You seem to have deleted rh'ihho station pve, atmosphere assault, The vault ensnared and the vault shuttle pve(whatever it is called) I went through all pve queue lists to be sure and these 4 pves are missing.

Unsure if more are missing


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    dukedom01dukedom01 Member Posts: 462 Arc User
    you missed fed and kdf starbase incursions plucka... shame on you! :sunglasses:
    Ceterum censeo Otha supplendum in praemiis.
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    buckmeister6789buckmeister6789 Member Posts: 380 Arc User
    Yes, what is up with Starbase Incursion and Fleet Alert? Are they gone forever or are they getting fixed?? No info available on this and for the sake of my accolades I'd really like to know.
    Rodak Volls@buckmeister6789
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