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Role play fleet looking for another role play fleet!

sbeseasbesea Member Posts: 8 Arc User
Hi all,

I am a member of the High Command of the Imperial Union of Planets. We are a Mirror Universe Empire in the war against Admiral Leeta and the Second Terran Empire. We are wanting to expand our role play adventures and we are looking for a fleet to take on the role of the Second Terran Empire (or one of their allies) so we can continue our story. Working together with the leader of the IUOP (Empress Aisha Cthylla Sato), we want to be able to create a regular role play events/stories/scenarios to engage both members of the fleets. This could be a weekly thing but to begin with we were thinking monthly.

If anyone is interested in setting this up, please private message me - @sbesea in game or I can be found on Discord @Selek Varen#0697 or on TS @sbesea31

Thank you


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    sbeseasbesea Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    This is still open to discussion - please let me know if your fleet is interested.
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