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[PODCAST] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 259: A KDF Skeleton Crew

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 781 Arc User
Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 259: 'A KDF Skeleton Crew' has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:
This week with Captain MidNite away at the FCD Convention, a couple of the KDF crew take the USS Tribbles out for a spin! In this episode Dragon and Sunseahl start off talking about Star Trek Online news and Star Trek Online Console news (0:50:54) before discussing this week's Star Trek Timelines news (0:53:14).

After the gaming news, they move on to discussing Chris Pine and Thunderbirds plus the actors that were listed to play Captain Picard in our Star Trek News (1:08:24) segment.

The news of the Star Trek: Discovery casting of the Harry Mudd character is then announced in our Main Viewer (1:14:13) segment.

In Holodeck (1:21:51) the crew talk about Star Trek Horizon's creator, Tommy Kraft's new project Electron Blade that will star Star Trek's Tim Russ.

Finally, in the last part of the show we read through the feedback from the Star Trek community in our Community Feedback (1:26:30) segment.

Community Questions:
1. What are your thoughts on Rainn Wilson being cast as Harry Mudd in Discovery?
2. What do you think of the UI changes to events and crew in Timelines?
3. Are you looking forward to Season 13 in Star Trek Online?
4. Should more than just the Tier 6 Tactical ships to come with a Heavy Weapon slot?



  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    1.) I'm indifferent. It's not like I ever found Mudd to be a classic character who I want more screen time of. He's someone who appeared in two episodes of TOS (and one episode of TAS that I've never seen). Not much else to say.

    3.) It's a season that's mostly about balancing and PvP. It's one that I'm not particularly excited about, but it's one the game needs. I mostly look forward to the story episodes.

    4.) I think only the tactical ships should get the heavy weapon slot. Cruisers already have their command auras while science vessels have their sensor analysis and subsystem targeting. What do default escorts have as their innate ability? Nothing really. (Pilot maneuvers don't count since not every escort has them.) While a heavy weapon isn't an ability, it still adds a tiny bit of spice to escorts that gives people who tend to stray away from them a little more incentive to fly them more often for something new.


    Artisanal Sonification System

    It got old real fast but you got a great chuckle out of me when I found out that weapons made literal "pew pew" sounds.

    Allied Escort Bundle

    Man oh man, these ships are sleek. I've also always wanted a railgun in this game. I'm seriously thinking about getting the Shikaris just so I can have the railgun on my other escorts. I say this as someone who never thinks about buying ships for their gear.

    It's been a while since I responded to community questions and I haven't been playing as much STO as before. I've been busy with Breath of the Wild. That game is God-tier levels of addicting.
  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    Good afternoon, tribbles.

    Community questions:

    1.) Like I said the last time you asked about additional cast members, I'm not too worried about the actors or even people like Nicholas Meyer. I'm sure they'll do a fine job IF CBS lets them. That is my point of contention. Sure, sometimes an actor just doesn't pull his weight but more often than not even that might be a matter of poor writing/direction/executive interference.

    And yes, you mentioned how CBS claimed they wouldn't interfere. Just like Cryptic claimed TOS feds were "as much a faction as the romulans". Maybe Cryptic got some super secret metrics that prove their point but every conceivable "metric" available to the playerbase says that TOS feds are little more than a different tutorial. *shrug*

    2.) /e listens to you talking about Timelines and politely nods every once in a while, pretending to be paying attention.

    3.) Nope. I don't care about PvP. At all. And balance changes... I got nothing on my plate tomorrow, so instead of relaxing I will invest the time into finishing that darn E-Mail. It'll explain why I have no faith in Cryptic when it comes to balance.

    Apart from that we get another featured episode. I hope that one is gonna be better than "Survivor". No, I won't spoil anything, you can keep reading. Spoilers are coming for the review next week. (I assume.)
    Not that the new episode is particularly bad, it is certainly not "House Pegh", "Broken Circle" or "Time and Tide" kind of bad. It is serviceable. I just happen to have issues with the way a certain character is written. It feels a little inconsistent.

    4.) Have you read the definition what kinds of ships are going to get a heavy weapon slot? That's what happens when you make a bajillion different categories of ships (Raiders, Raptors, Escorts, Battlecruisers, Dreadnought this, Dreadnought that, Destroyer and so on) and then you blur the lines until no one understands the difference anymore. There's a thread on reddit that tried to list the ships that will get a heavy weapon slot according to the definition. If the players have to scour the ship databases to make sense of your definition, you're doing it wrong, Cryptic.

    And no, MidNite, I'm not asking them to remove "choices". Keep the amount of ships, keep them different, but make sure that a new player can look at the categories and know exactly what he's getting. Easy to learn, hard to master. (Yes, Blizzard might have a copyright/trademark on that phrase.)


    Player Potential System:
    So some sort of gear score mixed with some kind of ELO system. Okay, that sounds reasonable and other games use similar systems, so that's the safe way.
    And then you factor in the specs? Okay, that's the point that would worry me, if I cared about your queues. *shrug*

    RP blog "Ripples":


    Timeline this,
    timeline that,
    Ragnarok was supposed to end the timeline nonsense (for a while),
    now I... can't even be bothered to... get mad.

    That's all I got.
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