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U.S.S. Wilde -Alliance RP

bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
edited February 2017 in Qo'noS
Greetings warriors of the Empire. The U.S.S. Wilde is a join-faction effort, sporting a crew from the Republic, The Federation, and the Glorious Klingon Empire. Equipped with a prototype slipstream drive, the Pathfinder-Class, Wilde sets its course into the depths of the Delta Quadrant. It's mission, to investigate Borg activity, explore strange and familiar worlds, gain more allies for the Delta Quadrant Alliance.

The Empire is requesting warriors to consider transferring to the Wilde for the duration of her mission. Currently, the Wilde has several officer positions opened. In addition, additional Engineering, Science, Tactical Personnel are always appreciated.

Officer Positions Available:
Klingon Ambassador - First Officer: (Open)
Helm-Officer: (Open)
Operations Officer: (Open)
Ship Counselor: (Open)
Astrometrics Officer: (Open)

The U.S.S. Wilde is a multiple fleet, multiple faction effort. We meet every Thursday at 9:05 EsT. We hope you will consider joining us. Contact me in-game at @bentiller or leave a response on this thread. Thank you!
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