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Task Force Zenas, Zenas Expanse

i0iragnaroki0ii0iragnaroki0i Member Posts: 5 Arc User
The Zenas Expanse: a vast, unclaimed and unusually empty region, on the far side of Cardassian and Breen space. That changed three years ago, when the Expanse was suddenly filled - by a chunk of the Outback, a dwarf galaxy hundreds of thousands of light years from the Milky Way. A group of Starfleet officers, many of them formerly of the 26th Fleet, were assembled to try to solve this mystery and to reestablish contact with the species they'd met in the Outback. They were assigned to the 11th Fleet's Zenas Expeditionary Force, operating from an old Cardassian station, Zenok Nor, which would become Deep Space 515 - Starbase "Magellan".

In time, the ZEF solved the mystery of how part of the Outback came to be transplanted (or rather, restored to its original position) within the Expanse, and others too: the true nature and intentions of the mysterious and manipulative "Species Golf"; the tragic story of the last days of the old Lekaari Republic, and why and how it was destroyed, three hundred years ago; and the builders and secret purpose of the ancient alien space station found within the nebula that shares its name, Looking Glass. They met, and sometimes fought, with representatives of the local powers: Lekaari, Dronagzi, Mzai, Yeth, Jaherans, Necrosi. They fought a war, and signed a peace treaty, with the mighty Carathian Imperium - a war that cost the Dronagzi their homeworld, and many others their lives or innocence. They uncovered and thwarted a conspiracy within Starfleet and the Federation Council, and - with the assistance of their Romulan allies in the Joint Squadron Initiative, or JSI - the plans of the Tal'Shiar for this distant sector. And together with the local Klingon garrison, they kept the Breen from moving in and taking over... for the moment.

Now, as the peoples of the Expanse form new alliances and seek to improve their position under the fragile peace brokered by the Federation, which is recovering from its own devastating war with the Iconians, the situation in the Expanse has changed... and with it, the form and purpose of the ZEF. Having fulfilled their original mission, the ZEF has been reorganized and reassigned again; the lease on Magellan/Zenok Nor has been allowed to expire, and "Task Force Zenas" now commands a brand new, centrally-located facility - Starbase Archer - which is expected to become a hub of trade and diplomacy for the region.

These are our stories...

- From the Home Page of the TFZ
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