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Task Force Hurq Mevik (Zenas Privateers - KDF RP Fleet)

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Six months before the full-scale invasion of the Cardassian Union, the Klingon Empire sent a small task force to he area known as the Zenas expanse. It's mission was two-fold: establish an outpost that will support a future invasion force, and map out the surrounding areas of the Expanse in search of valuable resources. Two scout wings were dispatched for the latter task, and after more than 3 months of exploration, they soon got to the same conclusion as the Cardassians long time before them: Expanse was mostly empty and devoid of any useful resources.

However, one of scout ships. I.K.S. Rakh, while returning from a scouting run, detected an M-class planet in one or rare solar systems, originally named LM-161. Preliminary scans of planet's surface were inconclusive due to presence of magnesite in the planet's rocky surface. They did find that world was rich in game, and sensing a tension among his crew due to long and uneventful tour of duty, ship captain decided to go down to surface and enjoy in some hunting – while taking all the necessary research samples, of course. Local wildlife proved to be a good challenge, and captain's hunting party spent good part of the day pursuing elusive prey though a lush woodlands – only to stumble upon a 300 feet long spire. „hidden“ in the local canyon, surrounded with magnesite rich hill formations.

Almost entire crew was assembled to study this building, that was only sign of any sentient life on the planet. However, after almost two days of work, multiple sensor modifications and attempts to find an entrance, captain finally gave up. Holographic images and samples were taken, and ship departed to report their findings. However, due to series of conflicts that ensued, this report spent more than 40 years gathering isolinear dust in Imperial databanks.

In the mid-2413, discovery of Solanae Dyson Sphere made KDF part of joint task force to explore and recover it's secrets. Empire sent some of their greatest scientific minds to help with this monumental task, while computer experts were instructed to search all official and less official Imperial databanks in search of any relevant information. Soon, 42 years old scouting reports was recovered which immediately made it's way to High Command. Detailed holographic images of a certain spire, it's design and symbols all too familiar to ones seen in Solonae Sphere, made KDF leaders spring to action.

During next six months, reinforcements were sent to an almost forgotten outpost at the edge of cardassian space. Ship by ship, each captain was simply told to pack their stuff and move out to new posting, their future commander being the only one knowing what is really going on. Using a pretense of „dealing a death blow to True Way terrorist threat“, task force Hurq Mevik was re-assembled at Starbase 151, with standing orders to put the station back into proper operating state and secure KDF presence in the area.

[Current Situation]
KDF task force Hurq Mevik (outsider's blade) is a group consisting of KDF, Romulan Republic (dubbed as New Romulan Empire - NRE by klingons) and mercenary ships, currently stationed at Starbase 151, also known as "Charming Hope".
The staion is located in northern part of Zenas Expanse, near the Breen border, and has been used extensively as repair/resupply base during Cardassian, and later Dominion conflict. Station's importance waned over the years, and with start of last war with the federation, station was gutted of any useful equipment, leaving only bare minimum of crew to man it in case it was ever needed again.
At the beggining of year 2414., an 40 years-old report about a ruin, now identified as solanae structure and located in Zenas expanse in the vicinity of old Starbase 151, was brought to High Command attention. Task force Hurq Mevik, stationed at SB 249 in Eta Eridani, was relocated to SB 151 with direct orders to repair old Starbase and secure the solanae structure (now designated as True Matter facility). Task force is also ordered to put pressure on any True Way presence, in hopes of True Way weakening enough to recall their forces from Eta Eridani and Pi Canis sector blocks, where they were causing trouble with their pirate activity.

Base is located in northeast part of Zenas Expanse, some 5 LY away from True Matter facility.
Location of SB 151 IS NOT known quantity in general. It is only given to ship captains assigned to task force, or to mercenaries who have shown great deal of reliability in their service to the Klingon Empire/NRE.
Location of True Matter facility is known only to task force commander (currently capt. Sadia Cynis), JSI commander assigned to the task force, and 3-4 ship captains who are on picket duty around the facility. These ships never come to starbase - all resupply needs are done via task force commander's ship, and planet facility is located on is able to sustain life and is suitable location for shore leave. Small team of security and science personnel is currently stationed near the solanae structure, securing the area and trying to gain access to the facility.

NOTE: after years of research, science teams managed to breach into the True Matter facility only to learn it is old Solanae resupply station. With their gate system destroyed beyond repair, and no useful data, facility was locked down and left to set-up automated defense systems.


After more than 2 years of upgrades, SB 151 has reached status of class 3 starbase or Star Fortress - it boasts weaponry on par with biggest KDF bases in the Empire, with additional heavy defense turrets it can deploy to further boost it's offensive power. Area around the base is peppered with self-replicating cloaking mine fields (which are redeployed on random basis). Ships that don't have access codes and ain't given safe docking vector are in danger of close encounters of explosive kind.


BREEN - Klingon Empire and Breen have been long standing enemies. While the Dominion capitulation ended these hostilities for a while, Breen invasion of Defera space re-opened these hostilities and allowed Klingon Empire to gleefully declare war on them again. Current standing orders for all KDF ships are to engage and destroy all encountered Breen forces, and task force Hurq Mevik isn't exception.
With True Matter facility out of the picture, task force has shifted it's priority to stopping breen incursions into Zenas Expanse.

ALMAVIAN PROTECTORATE - almavians are bat-looking humanoids organized in a communist state, almost equally spread over 7 colony worlds. They surrendered to Breen Confederacy after they did a number on couple of their neighbouring races, and have proven to be capable servants which won them semi-autonomy status and permission to expand within Zenas Expanse. This brought them in a conflict with KDF patrol vessels on number of occasions, and on all accounts they proved to be aggressive and unwilling to talk. Little more is known about them at this time, and so far they haven't proven to be direct threat to KDF forces in general.

TRUE WAY - True Way cells in the area have shown greater amount of organization than generally observed, which is contributed to presence of Gul Urnal. Urnal is calculating and ruthless leader, preferring to manipulate from afar, never directly getting involved in the operations, but controlling them through his followers in True Way command structure. Little is known about his background save that he is (most likely) former Obsidian Order operative. His actions so far show he has no real interest in the current cardassian politics, and some speculate he's gone rogue and using True Way resources to carve his own personal empire.
So far, his plans to expand in Zenas Expanse in search for resources to exploit have been thwarted by task force raids. This made him lose face with some of True Way commanders, and he's aware of presence of other organized group in the area. How much he knows is everyone's guess, but it's expected he will make his move soon...
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