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if i beg your time for a Suggestion (handling Items in Mail from exchange)

toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User

Am i the Only one wich is near the edge of illness if we must get 40 Items out of the post office and back in the inventory ?

iam pi...ed by the much mouse action clicking the NEXT item in the post office and release it back to inventory
that again for all characters cost me several hours of my time to do this and put every item back to sale with a new price

so if nobody have a better idea how to handle this , here is my CALL for MERCY to the Admins and developers of that
long used GUI or grafical overlay of that game


at least

1. give us the possibillity to use a Shortkey for the buttons (release items from mail)
and up and down arrow KEY to move to next item in list of mails

2. think of use the checkboxes on the left edge to give us items out of more mails insteadt of every single mail

3. it would be fine if we can see in the mail at least the LAST PRICE of what this item was put in the exchange

i mean .... the NOW USED handeling of that for over 10 characters and 40 items per char is at least "outtimed" if not called as obsolete

so please ...... give us a chance to save our prescius game time and also dont overexpand the ability of our mouse hand and
try to work on that GUI in a better way

so why i put that here on the testing server ...
because HERE ist a chance to get this shortly to somebody wich can implement this , test this and if that is fine
maybe we could add this to the main game .

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