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Whatever happened to being able to 3d print your ships?

A while back it was announced that players would be able to 3d print their ships from the game in a partnership with a 3d printer company. http://eucl3d.com/ But nothing more was ever said about it and now that company seems to be defunct.

So what is the status of the 3d print options? Is it dead, or just on hold?

What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?


  • wendysue53wendysue53 Member Posts: 1,569 Arc User
    answered by two posts above. answered in dozens of other threads also.
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 5,829 Arc User
    This should be added to the FCT list ...
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  • berginsbergins Member Posts: 3,437 Arc User

    I see your link and raise you the quote from the man:
    I would like to address some rumors that have been floating around about the status of Eucl3d, our ship printing partner, and 3D printed ships for Star Trek Online. We were very sad to learn that Eucl3d will be shutting their doors at the end of 2016. Since we won’t have a physical manufacturer for our ships, this means that Star Trek Online will be unable to continue with its 3D ship printing initiative at this time. I apologize for announcing such an exciting new program for Star Trek Online, only to have it pulled away 3 short months later. The entire development team has been looking forward to getting their ships printed just as much as many of you in the community, and having this program end before it was able to truly spin up is very unfortunate. 3D ship printing has been a feature we’ve wanted to get into the game for years, and we will continue to keep an eye out for opportunities to bring it to the game in the future.

    Steve Ricossa
    Executive Producer
    Star Trek Online

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