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Kit Module Questions

blazeritterblazeritter Member Posts: 203 Arc User
edited November 2016 in The Academy
This weekend with all the upgrading, I actually paid attention to ground kits for the first time and came up with a lot of questions. Searching answered some of them, but I still have a dead end on a number of them and finally just figured I would ask in hopes of someone else knowing what might be up. Some things I can't tell if they are by design or bugs.

1. Are there official rules for what and how modules can be upgraded? I've noticed that the modules from Intel, Command, and Temporal that I've purchased apparently can't upgrade at all (I've only bought a couple, so maybe I just bought bugged ones). Others seem to top out only at Ultra Rare quality (seems that anything that doesn't come to you as gold can't go to gold, though I can't find an official word on that or why). One kit module wouldn't even let me upgrade to MK XIV over the weekend (at XIII it told me it had reached max level), but tonight it did let me level it up to XIV so I'm guessing that was maybe an odd bug?

2. Other than buying and trying to equip both at the same time, is there a way to know which modules are mutually exclusive with each other - e.g. exothermic and endothermic induction but not apparently Beam Turret & Biotech Turret?

3. Do duty officers which enhance exothermic induction also enhance endothermic, since the two kits are "the same"? By extension, do duty officers who enhance one iteration of a power basically enhance all versions of it?

4. Do the duty officer chances to beam in additional supporting turrets and drones also work with the various kit modules available from lock boxes and fleet holdings?

5. If the answer to 3 is "no," are there duty officers that do enhance endothermic, or cold abilities in general? I've got a science guy doing a freeze/DOT thing, and trying to find information on what duty officer "powers" there even are in the game is...yeah.

6. Is there a ground equivalent of gravity well - basically pulls everyone in and traps them? I'm thinking paradox bomb maybe does, but it reads as "-X pull" which sounds more like it repels.

Whoops, forgot one: 7. Does the Vaadwaur shield drone actually fight, or will it basically only support? The wiki says something about if there's absolutely nothing to aid it may attack, but wouldn't I always at least be there?

Any answers would be appreciated. Play testing could probably answer these, but that means investing all the resources to buy them all and then the time to wait for random chance to hopefully trigger if it's going to.


  • gavinrunebladegavinruneblade Member Posts: 3,893 Arc User
    1. Modules from specialization cannot be upgraded. I believe all others can.

    2. Sadly no. It is a safe bet that nearly identical powers will either have a shared cool down or not be equip able. But trial and error is the way to find out.

    3. No. Not counting bugs doffs are exactingly specific on when they trigger.

    4. Some. Turrets, most drones, etc. not the vaadwaur drone.

    5. No. Might get one at Christmas.

    6. There are several. Graviton spike, singularity something or other, one of the temporal powers, etc. I forget them all.

    7. I have never seen mine fight.
  • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    On 6- graviton spike is from Risa; the temporal power of Paradox Bomb acts gravity well ish. Combine with Uncertainty Burst for slightly confused, gathered enemies. :)

    On upgrades, this is how it should work from the Oct. 25th release notes:

    Kits and most Kit Modules can now be Upgraded.

    Kits can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Gold Quality.
    Standard Kit Modules can be upgraded to a maximum of Mk 14 Ultraviolet Quality.
    Kits Modules from Lockboxes, Reputations, and the Winter / Summer Events can be upgraded in Mk, but not Quality.
    All copies of these Kit Modules will be set to Gold Quality.
    Specialization Kit Modules, as well as Crystalline Spike, Jam Subspace Transmissions, Chroniton Jolt, and Subspace Rift cannot be Upgraded.
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  • gavinrunebladegavinruneblade Member Posts: 3,893 Arc User
    I remember another one. A geologist can make the science power electro gravitic field have a pull effect.
  • blazeritterblazeritter Member Posts: 203 Arc User
    Thanks for the info, y'all.

    I'm increasingly under the impression that the ground kits need a cleaning pass. Not a full on revamp, just a clean-up of some of these really odd and dangling threads.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 7,441 Arc User
    Thanks for the info, y'all.

    I'm increasingly under the impression that the ground kits need a cleaning pass. Not a full on revamp, just a clean-up of some of these really odd and dangling threads.

    Yes, along with doffs to make them consistent.

    Security seems to work for all grenades, ?? works for turrets. The doff for exo- ought to work for endo-thermic too.
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