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toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
Gentleman is an ISOMETRIC CHARGE, like in the
Console - Universal - Isometric Charge not a little overpowered
especial in the first 20 levels for a beginner ???

This ist the console from the exchange for maybee 1.000.000 energycredits ISOM is the search word
not this one you can get from boxes and ships

i mean , in this early missions , you can hit a incoming group of 3 enemy with one charge
and inflict such a huge damage that all what is left is not much able to fight and explode
soon after a pair of lights shots .....with a beginner level ship....

this console can be equipped in every of my consoles slots and repalace here a much sensless level 1 console
and it can be used like a added HUGE torpedo if you step into a enemy group of incoming ships

maybee that things are better restricted to an rang upward from captain....


Isometric Charge

The Console - Universal - Isometric Charge can be obtained by the players of all three factions.
This console can be equipped on any starship, in any console slot. Player may only equip one of these consoles.
This unique Console Mod allows you to unleash an isometrically charged electrical attack that chains to other nearby targets.

Chained Electrical Damage

120' targeting arc
4,281 Electrical Damage (17 DPS) to 1st target
6,282 Electrical Damage to 2nd target in chain
8,562 Electrical Damage to 3rd target in chain
14,270 Electrical Damage to 4th target in chain (AoE)


  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    There's a several universal consoles that will one shot ships at lower levels or cause them a lot of trouble (some that originated on the KDF side come to mind). They all have a pretty long cool down. That one is fun and still a giggle when chaining between Borg spheres. Enjoy it while it lasts because as you level up the enemies will become a lot tougher. At level 50+ it's still effective but by that time you'll probably end up replacing it with a console that's working for you all the time without the cool down.

    A couple more fun consoles that come to mind...



  • pwstolemynamepwstolemyname Member Posts: 1,417 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Honestly you don't need a special console.

    All you need, every 10 levels, is to take 10 minutes out of missioning to visit the boff trainer and pick up some synergistic weapons from the exchange, (They don't have to be purple or blue, or a specific damage type, just need to allow you to get all weapons on a target at once, and benefit from the same buffs, cheep is advisable). Then ramp up your weapons power and all content to 50 is a joke.

    Oh and picking an escort every 10 isn't necessary, but isn't a bad idea either. At the budget end of the spectrum cannons + turrets get you more dps per credit then anything else. You really don't need a high end build to level.

    If you need an isometric charge to breeze through your doing something wrong. In the time it takes that console to recharge for the next group of enemies you could complete the entire space map, with emergency power to engines and a couple of cannon scatter volley abilities.
  • gavinrunebladegavinruneblade Member Posts: 3,893 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    the aceton assimilator is awesome at all levels. i use it in the mirror event to grab aggro while i close rifts. and on shuttles it slaughters everything with its huge pulse.
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  • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 15,375 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Haven't used the Iso Charge console for an age. Might be time to bring it out again.
  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,849 Arc User
    Overpowered? Naw...Just wait till you add 400EPG to it...MMMM..


    Rouge Sto Wiki Editor.

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