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[PODCAST] The SHOW - Trek Wednesday 50 Years of Star Trek 2016-08-03

darkknightucfdarkknightucf Member Posts: 1,546 Media Corps
@Odenknight | U.S.S. Challenger | "Remember The Seven"
Fleet Defiant Kinetic Heavy Fire Support | Fleet Manticore Kinetic Strike Ship | Tactical Command Kinetic Siege Refit | Fleet Defiant Quantum Phase Escort | Fleet Valiant Kinetic Heavy Fire Support
Turning the Galaxy-X into a Torpedo Dreadnought & torpedo tutorial, with written torpedo guide.
"A good weapon and a great strategy will win you many battles." - Marshall
I knew using Kinetics would be playing the game on hard mode, but what I didn't realize was how bad the deck is stacked against Kinetics.
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