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Light effects Question

Hello I'm trying to get a couple planets to glow to simulate a pulsar.


I'm currently using two gas giants as you can see in the above picture, does anyone know how I might be able to make them glow?
Why do I still play and put money into STO?
The Foundry, and my love of Star Trek


  • drogyn1701drogyn1701 Member Posts: 3,606 Media Corps
    Check some of the pre-made backdrops, they come with different lighting that can made some of the planets glow. Custom backdrops currently do not have functional lighting (despite there being an option for this).

    You can also put some of the nebula clouds around the planets to give them an effect.
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  • thegreendragoon1thegreendragoon1 Member Posts: 1,872 Arc User
    I've had good success with the Orange Space 14 backdrop, that seems to reflect off a decent amount of bloom.


    Looking at your set up though, I don't think you'll be able to get uniform lighting with your centerpiece right between the two objects you want to illuminate, but you're welcome to try.
  • zionus0zionus0 Member Posts: 395 Arc User
    I did some messing around with backdrops and combined a couple to make this... It at least looks like its absorbing Solar flare. Although I haven't gotten the illumination effect I wanted.
    Why do I still play and put money into STO?
    The Foundry, and my love of Star Trek
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