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Issues with the Terran Badlands Space Battlezone

In another thread, seaofsorrows posted that the Badlands is broken as far as determining a player's contribution to completing an objective. I made a post, and they responded:
redvenge wrote: »
I'm just happy that the Na'khul red alerts are coming back so I have a better way to get Terran and hopefully Temporal marks.

That Badlands battlezone is just horribly designed. I did one of the Generator points today, I did 2 of the 3 points solo until someone else came along. I helped him do the 3rd one and we both teamed up on the rift in the middle..

Got Tier II reward.. no marks.

That zone just totally sucks...
I have this result on 3 of my characters (the ones that use cannons and torpedoes). They can't get better than Tier 2 on the "beat back the Terran invaders" assault when the map resets. They never get more than 35 Terran marks for "kick the stations back to the mirror universe" part of the map.

Until I read your post, I thought it was just me being silly for not using B:FAW on all my characters (since my B:FAW builds get the Tier 4 rewards far more consistently). I'm curious to know if this happens to alot of players. Maybe something is not working as intended?

Oh it's completely screwed up for everyone. I did a zone 3/4 by myself in a ship that's parses 50-60k with ease and still got Tier II. People think it's their low DPS doing it, it's not.. it's just the zone, it totally sucks.

Right after that point, I flew to the next point, took part in the last 30-40 seconds of a Generator capture and got Tier IV. It seems to just take a wild guess based on whatever it feels like giving you at the time. They put in a fix for it shortly after the release of the zone, but it didn't work...
I did a brief check of the last 8 months, but I did not see any threads about this issue.

I would like to ask the tribble testers some questions. Are many of you having an issue with not receiving credit for your contributions in the Battlezone? If you are, did you make a thread/post a comment/etc? I am asking this last part in case Cryptic does not know there is an issue, if there is one.


  • kasrakenkasraken Member Posts: 213 Bug Hunter
    edited July 2016
    The issue is mainly the way it prioritizes activity to achieve higher contribution. The system is heavily weighted for activations. If you go to a point and kill everything while I fly in and activate just a couple of the devices, then I will most likely achieve a higher contribution for that area.

    The good news is, knowing this ..you will be able to gain higher contribution while in that battle zone.

    They did revise it once after it was released to improve the rewards, I don't think they consider this behavior a bug, just a learning exercise on the player's part, much like in other games where some bosses require you to do certain things to achieve victory, here you have to do certain things to maximize your contribution rewards.

    To directly answer your questions, no, I almost always get IV rewards since I go for activations instead of focusing on killing the endless amount of ships that keep coming when you don't do the activations. No, I did not post about this before as it was my understanding that it was working as intended.
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