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*** NEW SPACE *** - Part 1 - The Battle of ALGIRA

After the last Days of Battle in the ALGIRA SECTOR , a dusty cloud System in the ALPHA QUADRANT,
where a bunch of wrecks drifting towards a huge subspace Rift , trying to escape.

A huge Tricobalt device Explosion ripped the Space Apart and created an Gigant Shockwave and an RIFT between this space and the Subspace.
The ships wich was not crashed by the Shockwave where badly damaged and trying to avoid the drift wich tows them to the RIFT.

Communications between the ships where also blocked by the huge energy from the Rift, so the only information aboard our ship was the intercom.

Some minutes ago , our second oficer infomed us from the battle bridge about the death of captain Riva and 1st officer Markov.
Now he takes over the Command of our damaged Vessel, the CALIBOUR , at least , what is the Rest of it.

CREW - THIS SECOND OFFICER GEDARIAN, We loose our Bridge and the whole Staff and captain.
As far as we now ...an exploding enemy Vessel had an huge Illegal Tricobalt Device onboard, wich was ignited during the explosion
of the Vessel. Most of the Fleet are gone. Also Most of the Enemy fleet. Our Vessel is badly damaged, Engine are Offline and Destroyed.
Communication to starbase is offline and jammed. Our ship cant do nothing to avoid beeing pulled into the SUBSPACE RIFT .
The drift is so strong that we cant risk start one of our shuttles or our escape PODS.
I like to tell you to abandon our Ship but , honest , i do not know if the Shuttels or Pods are strong enough to ecape.
Our Warp core is down. With the rest of energy we can try to teleport some crew to other ships wich are more far away from the rift.
but honest , we dont know what we will find onboard the other wrecks..so i let it be your choice , to get to an shuttle or escape pod.
Myself is going to transporter room 3 and try to beam onboard an other wreck.
Crew this is final. ABANDON SHIP ! Good Luck - GEDARIAN out !

The ABANDON SHIP alert was set on . and a few undestroyed displays on the Decks showing the closest way to the next escape Pod.
I leave my station to follow the rest of my unit as an struktural damage and a folowing explosion crippled the part of our station
and burried me under Debris and sends me to Oblivion.

Half an Hour later the Wreck of the past the EVENT HORIZON of the SUBSPACE RIFT and was Pulled out of the known Universe.

Along with other debris and ship wrecks it was moved away into Subspace.....
Only the huge Gravity of the Sun and other Stars know in wich direction the Wreck where tossed.....



  • toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User

    *** NEW SPACE *** - Part 2 - Uncharted Universe.

    Pain ....

    endless pain in my neck... i must have been burrid under the debris here for a longer Time.
    and i was not alone.

    Some Crew members where helping me out and try to fix the smaler wounds with medi kits.
    so we , a small group of crew have lived enge of the Supspace rift. We had no knowledge where we are our
    ship was an wreck. The huge CALIBOUR where not more then a pile of junk.

    We where not anymore in the ALGIRA Star system. We have not seen any of our known star constellations.
    Some Rumors in the Crew says that we are maybee not more in our Galaxy.

    some engineers try to fix the warp core and the Engine but fail. at least we found 2 damaged Shuttles
    and equipment to reach the next star systems for the search of a possible habital world.
    So we try to fix the shuttles with all our crew.

    the communication was still offline. we can here some weak signals in the galactic white noise backround but they
    seemed to be so far away that we coud not reach them.
    Our wreck where stil sending the EMERGENCY DISTRESS BEACON. but stil , no one answers.

    With the remain sensors we have found an system , some light years away wich had an possibly habitable planet.
    so we can take an repaired shuttle and see what there is. An landing party was formed and leaved the ship.
    We must waiting now and try to repair some parts of our wreck.
    Energy was not endless. and without the warp core we have to find some solution for the Life Support.

    Our engineers try to get an smal Warpcore from one of the shuttle wrecks as a stable mini power Source.

    As far as our Situation is.......
    there is Hope ....


  • kjwashingtonkjwashington Member Posts: 2,529 Arc User
    Support 90 degree arc limitation on BFaW! Save our ships from looking like flying disco balls of dumb!
  • toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    *** NEW SPACE *** - Part 3 - The BOOT CAMP

    After 2 Weeks the Shuttle was back. They visited several nearby systems and found an habitable World .
    As they build up the Boot camp there was some contact with the originates. A primitive looking specis.

    The shuttle crew also reports an possible nearby Distress Signal, maybe from another Ship or Wreck.
    but this Signal has no Federation Code in his Message. At least we have an Direction where we can search for them.

    in the last two weaks we where able to fix an second shuttle craft . at least it coud fly .
    our shuttles have only a smal warp core, capable of flying with warp 2. but they are equiped with a smal astro lab
    and some shields , also a boarding hatch and an airlock. some small weapons and communication.

    We coud find some of the old space suits , wich we use to work on the outside of our big wreck.
    with the remain energy we coud not risk to build up some energy fields. There are stil parts of our wreck
    wich had no atmosphere.

    So we decided to send more female and male Crew to the boot camp. A rest of Crew will stay here and begin
    to rip off the badly needed parts of our ship for the Camp.

    Also we decidet to send an Shuttle craft on his way to get the Position of the other distress signal.

    by the way. i forgot to Introduce myself .
    i am Technical Officer of the Star Fleet , my name is TORAKNU. an native born Caitan. i am Femal and i am now 31 years old.
    and belive me . i know every bad joke about my Tail. so try some other to charme me.


  • toraknutoraknu Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    Dear admins , please send this to the Ten forward section , thanks
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