How to set up an Armada

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Very new to the Armada system i would like to join up into a Armada or set up my own is there a guide i can follow to set one up ?
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    Like most things in STO there's not really guides for most things. Check out your fleets armada tab and study it for a few minutes and it'll start to make sense.

    Simply though, if you fleet is not in an Armada your fleet is it's own aramada's alpha fleet. If you invite other fleets into your armada, they will become betas below yours. Only betas can invite fleets to be below them to be gammas in the armada.
    Only alphas can invites/kick betas, only betas can invite/kick gammas.

    If you join an established aramada you'll become either a beta or gamma depending on who invites you. If you go into a beta slot, if you have fleets already in your armada, they will become gammas. If you're not taking any with you you can still invite others to be gammas below you in the armada you're invited into.

    If you exit an armada from a beta position with gammas below you, they remain tied to and exit with you, becoming betas in your new armada with yours as alpha.

    The higher ranked each fleet is and how many are in the armada (collectively the armadas rating, found in top left of the armada window below logo) will affect the dili discount and XP bonus rates that will apply to your fleet and its members. Also your fleets position in the armada affects these rates too, with alphas having high XP bonus but low dili discounts, betas having an even split, and gammas getting low XP bonus but high dili discounts.

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions.
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    I don't know if this will help or not but we made a quick guide for our Armada...Please see if this will help you and your Armada for your settings.
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