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skipping missions

kronin#4685 kronin Member Posts: 325 Arc User
When you skip missions, how many can you skip in a row? Or, is there some sort of cool down on skipping missions? I found out the hard way that I couldn't skip several missions last time I played. I want to skip ahead to the "Temporal Ambassador" mission with my alts.


  • odinforever20000odinforever20000 Member Posts: 1,849 Arc User
    Depend on your lvl and mission lvl..If the mission requires a lvl 17 you can skip till your lvl 17


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  • ktonof1aqktonof1aq Member Posts: 210 Arc User
    Why would you skip?
  • angrytargangrytarg Member Posts: 10,651 Arc User
    ktonof1aq wrote: »
    Why would you skip?

    Because the missions offer not much in terms of replayability, for example. I for example have played all missions in the game at least once on one character. On basically all other characters I create I simply skip most of them, only do the bare minimum to level until I hit "endgame" or play specific ones to grab the reward. But playing every single mission again and again gets very tiresome.

    @kronin as @odinforever20000 wrote, you can only skip a mission if your level is higher than the mission requirement. In addition there are a few missions that are unskipable, usually the first episode in a story arc which requires you to enter an area for the first time or talk to your quest giver for the first time. You have to play those, although they usually only consist of "go to x and talk to y - done".​​
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  • kronin#4685 kronin Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    I want to skip missions because I've already played them with other characters. I am leveling up a couple of alts that I will only use for Doffing and admiralty, but I want the mission reward from "Temporal Ambassador". I skipped one mission, then it won't let me skip the next one.
  • kronin#4685 kronin Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    Thank you angrtarg, your advice helped. Mission accomplished.
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