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Request: Turret recovery

I'd like the ability to recover deployed turrets that survive battle. Perhaps a Current Map DOFF assignment with reasonable risks of success, failure and disaster. Critical success might contain a prisoner from an enemy away team that beamed aboard to sabotage the turret.


  • rahmkota19rahmkota19 Member Posts: 1,929 Arc User
    Well, turrets are a consumable. They are ment to be consumed upon use. As in, when you place them, they are gone from your inventory forever. Permanently. Eternally. That is how they are designed to be. These aren't hangar pets or mine weapons, these are just as much a consumable as a Starship Weapon Battery. And that is why it won't happen.
  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 9,427 Arc User
    Those turrets are completely worthless.
  • conkav22conkav22 Member Posts: 8,146 Arc User
    Wait do people still use them ?
  • neos472neos472 Member Posts: 579 Arc User
    rahmkota19 wrote: »
    Well, turrets are a consumable.
    there are a couple or resummonable turrets most are in the command ships but there is a resummonable light phaser turret from the early days of STO

    manipulator of time and long time space traveler
  • nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
    A Doff mission to fetch your old ones if they survive the fight is cute and I like it. Feds are ecofriendly and pick up their trash. Romulans don't want anyone finding their tech. Klingons love the honor in old weapons that have fought well.

    Make it take 15-20 minutes and increase the stack count of one type you have equipped by 1, 2 on a crit. Not a big deal, but a fun bit of flavor.
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