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an RP thing I did for a contest on another forum.

markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
Round one: -=-K vs. K-=-
Katsura wandered around a bit as she explored planet Arus. She'd easily located the enemy fortress with her telescopic vision. Now she was looking at all of the methods to approach it. MechaGodzilla was just out of sight behind a mountain but, while unseen so far, she didn't know how long that would last. She needed to infiltrate the Castle of Lions and disable it in preparation for the attack.

Katsura passed through a local village as she moved closer. The locals paid little attention as she had concealed her space titanium armor under a loose robe. As she slowly worked her way towards the castle she spotted one unguarded entrance - a maintenance tunnel mostly submerged in the moat. As she got closer she noticed a few guards on the bridge, so instead of approaching the tunnel directly, she moved off to the side and slipped into the moat behind some trees. She swam along the bottom to the tunnel and didn't surface until she was inside. She followed the tunnel to the far end and emerged through a drainage pipe in the basement of the castle.

Katsura looked around and tried to see if she could find anything that looked important. She saw a store room filled with food and other supplies, and a door leading to a hallway that went deeper into the castle. As she walked down the hallway she spotted several thick power cables above the ceiling. As she looked for the thinnest spot to shoot through, she heard several footsteps behind her. She saw 2 men in green and yellow step into the hall behind her. "Hey what are you doing?" is all they had a chance to say before she stunned them with an eyeblast. An alarm immediately sounded so she knew she'd have to work fast. She pulled her pistol and fired through the ceiling into the large power cables she'd seen. The lights suddenly flickered as she heard a loud crack and fizzle as the cables were severed. A third person in red ran into the hallway as she yelled "MechaGodzilla! Attack!" Keith drew his pistol and fired but by the time he fired she'd disappeared. As he looked around trying to find her, Keith heard Coran's voice saying "Hurry we need to launch Voltron immediately! The defenses on the east side of the Castle are down!" Then Keith looked over at the unconscious bodies of Pidge and Hunk....

[OOC] Yeah she did something similar in Terror of MechaGodzilla. :D[/ooc]

Outside the castle, MechaGodzilla stood on top of the mountain it had been hiding behind and blasted at the castle with it's armament. A few minutes later, 3 of the Lions launched and moved to counter-attack.

"MechaGodzilla, attack the red one!" Katsura ordered the giant robot. MechaGodzilla then started firing at the red lion and largely ignored the black and blue lions as they attacked it. At least until one of them bit it.

"This is planet Arus calling the Galaxy Alliance! We are under attack and need help!" Coran yelled into the space radio. "We don't know who is attacking us but they're probably not Drule!"

"Message received, we're sending backup," Commander Steele replied, "ETA 5 minutes!"

A short time later, the components of the vehicle Voltron arrive at the planet and combine. As they dive through the atmosphere towards the battle between the lions and MechaGodzilla, they get intercepted by Mazinger Z. By this time the yellow and green lions had joined the fight, but the red lion was too badly damaged to form Voltron, and MechaGodzilla was standing on the blue one it blasted the black lion.

[ooc]Yeah it ended in a bit of a hurry, But I ran out of time. :/[/ooc]

round 2-=-Katsura vs. Shinji

Katsura woke up from a nap as the communicator chirped. A new assignment was waiting. The target was Earth in an alternate reality. The initial recon showed only one opponent active. But it's nature was difficult to define. It seemed to be some sort of cybernetic creature controlled from an underground base near that world's Tokyo. Getting in would require a more elaborate disguise than the last assignment, and probably a distraction.

Shortly later the space ship carrying Katsura and MechaGodzilla arrived in orbit over the planet's south pole. Katsura looked out a window at the barren island wasteland that occupied the place were Antarctica would have been and wondered what sort of disaster could have caused it. It seemed almost completely lifeless... The ship dropped quietly down to the surface and silently slipped under the Antarctic sea. A second ship carrying Mazinger Z followed closely behind it. As the ships moved along the sea floor towards Tokyo bay, Katsura studied what little they knew of NERV's defenses. It appeared that the primary defense was the Eva unit and that the best plan of attack would be to attempt to disable the Eva unit while it was in combat against MechaGodzilla. But, that required her to get inside. The best approach was probably to replace someone who worked at NERV. Katsura could probably pretend to be her long enough to get inside.

As they arrived under Tokyo Bay, Katsura double checked that Mechagodzilla was ready to attack at a moment's notice, put on a helmet, and got onto a hover bike. The bike exited the craft under water and the helmet gave Katsura plenty of air as she skimmed along the bottom of the bay towards the shore. The bike emerged from the water near a wooded park and she continued towards her chosen victim along a small road. She flipped up the visor on her helmet as she approached the target and fired a stun blast from her eyes to knock her out before she realized what had happened. Katsura dragged the body behind some bushes and put on the woman's clothes, then checked her new ID. It read Maya Ibuki. Katsura touched the magatama bead on her choker. It lit up and disguised her face to be like her victim's. She left her victim tied up behind the bush and rode the bike the rest of the way to NERV. As she walked past the security guards, she looked around to find the right place to sabotage.

As she was walking down a hallway, another person suddenly ran up to her. "Maya! You're here, come look at this!" the woman said before she pulled 'Maya' into the main control room. Katsura looked around as the woman pointed towards a diagram of a RADAR trace.

"MechaGodzilla, arise!" Katsura silently commanded as soon as she saw the controls for the Eva's restraint system.

"See? We don't know what they are, but we know they're not meteors since they didn't heat up as they descended." The woman said.

"Did you get any other readings?" Katsura asked in Maya's voice.

"No. There was no detectable AT field, it doesn't appear to have been an Angel."

As she said this, one of the screens suddenly flashed and switched to a view of Tokyo bay. The water was churning as something massive and made of metal emerged from it. Katsura watched in amazement as people lined up along the shore to take pictures of the giant robot as it walked ashore. "They're not scared at all.... they have no idea what it is, but it doesn't look like what frightens them." Katsura said as she stared in amazement.

"What on earth is that?" someone in the room said.

"Does it have an AT field?" 'Maya' asked no one in particular. MechaGodzilla was fully on land now and people were reacting as though it was a novelty.

"No, it seems like it's an inanimate object, like a giant robot." came the bewildered reply.

"Eva-01 is ready to launch." came another response.

Katsura looked at the screen again and mentally ordered Mechagodzilla to blast a nearby building.

Alarms went off as they scrambled to launch the Eva. Katsura tried not to smile as she slowly moved towards the self destruct button. As soon as the Eva engaged Mechagodzilla, Katsura hit the button. The Eva froze as MechaGodzilla blasted it with several energy beams at once. But the beams bounced off some sort of barrier.

A frantic voice came over the computer "What just happened?" Shinji said over the radio.

"Well that didn't work" Katsura thought before she mashed the rest of the buttons on the control console. "Launch Mazinger!" she thought at the ship's computer as she did this.

"Maya! What are you doing?" came a surprised voice.

"I'm leaving," Katsura said in her own voice as some of the charges embedded in the Eva's restraints detonated. Shinji's screams echoed as several people pulled guns on Katsura, but she disappeared before they could fire.

Katsura reappeared on a rooftop outside. As MechaGodzilla battered the badly damaged Eva, it suddenly let out a deafening roar. Everyone stared in shock as the air quivered and a metal hand suddenly emerged from the air in front of the Eva. As the Eva collapsed to the ground, a large robotic figure emerged from a rift in time. MechaGodzilla immediately opened fire on it and was joined by Mazinger as soon as it emerged from the bay. Though tough, the robot quickly revealed a flaw, it was an automaton acting solely on preprogrammed instinct. An unfortunate consequence of this turned out to be an inability to fire it's weapons after being knocked down. The AI simply stopped fighting while it got back on it's feet. A critical weakness easily exploited by a skilled opponent.


yeah that RP contest ended after the host mysteriously vanished... I have no idea where he went. :/ Never did get any real feedback on the stories.
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