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[SIM] USS Cassini Seeks Writers/Players

yakobiantoyakobianto Member Posts: 1 Arc User
edited September 2016 in Captain's Table (RP)
In the years that would set the stage for fallout in 2409, there was another ship embarking upon its first gallant venture into the stars...

In the year 2393, the Starship Cassini is dispatched on a mission of discovery and exploration to the interstellar frontiers of the Federation. To seek out new life, new civilizations and push aside the boundaries of scientific understanding in the galaxy and breach into a new age of discovery. Under the auspices of Starfleet's Applied Sciences Division the Cassini and its crew's voyages are set to boldly go further than any other...

We're the third of the Nova-class line to be commissioned in Obsidian Fleet, proving that one little ship can make all the difference in a galaxy of behemoths, and that it is truly the size of the story that matters most. The aim for this community of authors is to construct memorable and engaging characters set against the familiar Star Trek backdrop of exploration and discovery that is as much external as it is internal.

I invite you to explore our site and extend you a warm invitation if you wish to join us in the adventures that await you. Meet new players, inspire others to come join in STO between posts, and help us build a great community aboard one tiny ship with one big mission ahead of it. We are actively seeking a crew for our initial launch, so if you're enthusiastic and have a character's story itching to be set loose, then don't delay!

Check out our site and join the USS Cassini!

CDR Krzysztof Uziel
Commanding Officer
USS Cassini, NCC-79398
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Commander Krzysztof Uziel, Commanding Officer, USS Cassini



  • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 13,522 Arc User
    Sounds great @yakobianto

    I haven't 'simmed' since about 2007, but you've caught my attention with this one.

    One query though - would there be any objection to my using one of my STO characters, with a few biography modifications to suit the timeframe?

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