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looking for an rp fleet that's a little different

ussjohnbrownussjohnbrown Member Posts: 159 Arc User
edited February 2016 in Earth Spacedock
Not interested in playing a sf officer. However she might become one in time.

Possible roles, freighter cap., privateer, liason to reman resistance or republic, bajoran militia or intel., kdf liason, maco or tac exchange with one of the above, colonist or something else?

Here is her biography:

Born in the year 2357, on a Romulan penal colony.

Her father Rogh, a Klingon, was condemned to a life sentence in 2348. Sentenced to hard labor in a Romulan penal colony.

Her mother T'ael was convicted of espionage and crimes against the State, due to her involvement with what was to become the Reunification Movement. She was sent to the same penal colony in 2355.

Father: In the 3270s, details emerged of links between the House of Duras and the Romulan Empire. After the Romulan Empire joined the war against the dominion in 3274, information was obtained showing details of that relationship with House of Duras. Various details reveals this likely explanation for Rogh's incarceration.

As a young man Rogh tried unsuccessfully to become a warrior, his family were farmers and considered to lowly. Because it was a time of peace, few opportunities existed in the klingon empire to rise above his caste. Despite this a noble woman, Bhkel chose him as a mate. A spurned suitor Ghark'n, a minor warrior of the house of Duras, began a feud with Rogh over this in 2345. In 2346 Ghark'n arranged for Bhkel, to be at Khitomer, she was killed in the Romulan attack. He threatened to have Rogh's parents killed if he didn't allow himself to be given over to the Romulans. Shortly after he was imprisoned.

Mother: Not much is know she graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy. At some point after 2345 she was suspected of working covertly in Romulan space towards Reunification efforts with Vulcan. She was imprisoned for this activity and interrogated. She became pregnant during an episode of pon farr. Tal Shiar operatives oversaw interrogation efforts and Tal Shiar scientists assisted with the birth using the child as a pawn to further efforts to break T'ael and gain information about Reunifcation members and Federation involvement with Reunifcation efforts.

T'Karik: She escaped aboard a freighter in 2369.

By 2372 its known she was living among colonists in the Federation-Cardassian DMZ.

By 2371, intelligence reports indicate she was active in the Maquis resistance and went underground in early 2372, and most likely was part of Jarro Eilat's cell (former Starfleet officer Commander Jarro).

By the end of 2373, the Dominion backed Cardassian military had successfully destroyed most of the Maquis, Jarro was killed, but the cell was one of a few that continued to function.

By 2374, what remained of the cell was absorbed into the Klingon Defense Force units conducting strategic operations in the dmz and
Cardassian territory.

In early 2375 she was captured along with her unit during a raid on Cardassian supply lines and handed over to the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau. She was presumed dead.

In late 2409, a raid on a True Way compound by Bajoran forces discovered her and 183 others in stasis. The compound has been an interrogation center for the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau. Following the destruction of Cardassia Prime and dissolution of the Intelligence Bureau, records were deleted, destroyed and lost, including the existence and location of the compound.

The True Way discovered the compound in 2408. They were in the process of identifying and inventorying the prisoners for possible intelligence value when the raid occured.

Id be willing to change date she was found... If she was to be found as part of a rp story.

I have limited time in game, however Id prefer in game rp, events, foundry etc with forum support. I do have plenty of time to assist with organizational or story work. Id be happy with a reocurring guest spot as well.


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