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Dark Legeacies 5: Question from the Authour

A question for those who've played and liked my Dark Legacies (Parts 1-4) story so far.

As I'm hopping to get into the foundry over the holiday I'd like to ask if there's anything in particular you'd like to know about Rishis in [DL- 5/5] Fires of Vengeance.

For those who want a refresher Rishis makes her first appearance in Dark Legacies 2: Shattering Ones Mirror, and has appeared in every episode since having emerged as the arcs main villain. She appears in the image below.....

This is the last mission where I plan to have her involved, currently her optional dialogues include:
- Her performing an interrogation of T'Rattu
-A couple computer logs
-A personal log, where she's talking about Leta's incursion from the Badlands.

So what would you all like to know about (or maybe have her do) my favorite insane villainess in the final episode of my story?


In regards to the story: What have you liked and disliked? Does something just not work? Let me know!
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