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Duty Officer Finder

dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
edited October 2015 in Duty Officer System and R&D
Trying to find a duty officer with certain traits, specializations, effects, etc? Here's a site I put together that you can use to find the specific duty officers you need:

Search by:
  • Species
  • Faction
  • Department
  • Specialty
  • Rarity (only Very Rare, Ultra Rare, and Epic)
  • R&D Specializations
  • Active Duty Effects
  • Traits (choose good ones to include, and bad ones to exclude!)

If you discover a doff in your roster that I do not yet have included, feel free to provide me with the information through this Google form: http://goo.gl/forms/0WibnPa8oh
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