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Crafting and Random mods vs. Selecting mods

OK, I admit I have only dabbled in R&D, and I am not the type to obsess over getting just the right mods. But it is easy to see that many people are frustrated because they have to craft a metric crapton of items to get the mods they want. They want to be able to choose their mod. No doubt the devs prefer to keep the randomization in the system because it is designed to be a resource sink. So how about a compromise...

Let's assume you are trying to craft a console with one particular mod, but you keep missing it. I would propose that after a certain number of 'unsuccessful' tries you could take those crafted consoles to a new R&D store and 'trade them in' for the same console with the mod(s) of your choice. The number of 'bad' consoles required to trade in could be adjusted easily.

I am sure the R&D system has a 'crafted by' flag on each item. This could be used so that you can only 'trade in' consoles that were crafted by your account. Otherwise folks would just buy up TRIBBLE consoles from the exchange and trade them in.

Of course, this solution is simple and logical, so the chances of it happening are practically nonexistent. ;)
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