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[Ico] Stars of Wrath question - sequel to Glimmer of hope

zionus0zionus0 Member Posts: 395 Arc User
I have a question for those who've played Glimmer of Hope:

I'd like to know if people have any questions about the Romulan Star Union (The mirror universe Romulan faction I created), that I might answer in my next mission. They will have a minor role but I should have an opportunity to put in some dialogue if asked.

Similarly the Guardians will have a minor role as well- they're ships are primary reserved for defensive purposes as they are critically endangered.

Will I be making a mission where these groups are first contacted?:
I'm not sure who asked me if I'd be making missions where they are first encountered but I'll put that here:
I have already completed the mission where first contact is made with both of these groups, A Past Forgotten (Part 1/5 of my main story "Dark Legacies") can be found in the review tab.

Star Commander Soreth appears in part two: "Shattering Ones Mirror." Where the formal alliance between the Romulan Star Union is formed. Going more in-depth into their culture.
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  • guljarolguljarol Member Posts: 976 Arc User
    I played Glimmer of Hope a while ago, but I don't remember lots of details, or if I had any questions. I think there were options to ask who they were, but I could be confusing it with some other mission with similar option.

    To get a better picture, I'll play A Past Forgotten soon, and reply Glimmer of Hope, paying attention if something jumps at me as "missing info" or just simply a possible need of explanation.​​
  • guljarolguljarol Member Posts: 976 Arc User
    Ok, so I played A Past forgotten and re-played Glimmer of Hope.

    When the first time I played only Glimmer, I read the lore about the Guardians and the Mirror Romulans, but it was confusing because it suggested *I* did all those things. Now, after playing one of the earlier missions it makes a lot more sense. You may want to try to rephrase that info as basic info on who they are and what they did, but without wrapping it in a story, e.g. not "you did this and that with the Guardians", but "Guardians were keepers blah blah blah" instead. Dry info.

    But no questions popped up when I was playing it, no.

    A note on the Cardassian in Glimmer. He notes that he didn't expect to die alongside the Federation. I think you could also add that he's actually helping Bajorans. Just a thought, of course, so you can flush down the loo.

    Oh, and I liked the idea of the Android at the end of A Past Forgotten. It was neat to place him there. He answered my question about what the Romulan prefix meant - the "D" part. :)

    I'll try to play the new mission tonight.​​
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