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The New T6 Badonkadonk Tutorial

orangeitisorangeitis Member Posts: 5,218 Arc User
edited October 2015 in The Art of Star Trek Online
Does your captain(or BOFF) need a little extra junk in the trunk, but since there's no vertical or horizontal ass slider, you just couldn't figure out how? Need to buff up your posterior beyond what the good ol' 'donk depth slider can achieve? Want more mass-to-the-ass so your in-game tushie can match your own? Or do you simply need that extra oomph to boost your old and busted booty to T6? Well now you'll know with this handy dandy butt-enlargement tutorial! Your characters will look like they're smuggling two curled-up Hortas in their trousers in no time.

This tutorial is suggested for female characters, as they still look relatively normal with Hartman Hips, but you can most definitely give your male character some sexy feminine curves as well! The technique used in this tut is also dependent on manipulating other parts of your character's body to make their glutes appear much bigger, so characters with unusual proportions in the first place may not get the desired effect. Also, this trick works better on some species than it does others. For instance, it may not work that well on Pakleds(ironically...), but it works great on Saurians.

First, you'll want to decrease the length of the character's torso. Maximum Torso Length should be about 2 bars on most species. You may adjust Ribs Height as well if Torso Length doesn't quite do alone. Don't worry if it makes your character look a li'l goofy! This is the main step that will give more presence to your character's hind quarters, as the waistline will seem heightened, and we'll get the character looking a lot better later on. Go ahead and adjust the Arm Length now to offset the decrease in Torso Length so your character don't look too much like a monkey. Unless it is a monkey, of course.

Next, you'll want to turn your attention to the southern half of your character. If you haven't already made use of the "Hips Depth" slider(the preliminary slider name was better devs, just saying), now might be a good time to. Butt depth should be increased to maximize girth. The hips absolutely need widening if you want your character's booty to look sufficiently round, so crank up the Hips Size slider. You'll also notice that leg proportions will need adjusting. You should decrease Leg Length as well, but increase their thickness, unless your character's species has pencil legs. Feet size and thickness is up to personal taste, but be weary of the sudden change in proportions.

Now it's time to mind other features like the hands, boobs, arm thickness, and other bodily features to fine-tune your character's new physique. Use personal discretion for this, as this part gets into individual assthetics(pun intended). After that, time to decrease the head size. After all this general vertical shave-off, your character might have too big of a head now. Decrease the head's height, width and depth if it needs additional shrinkage, as well as neck dimensions. After all this adjusting, your character should be looking normal again, albeit with a generously plump rump.

Finally, your character will need to regain their general height. For good measure(literally), just slide that tallness bar(located below the rest of the sliders) up to your desired height, saving/cancelling the tailor menu to check your current height in relation to other player characters or even NPCs if need be, as by now, the height measurement on the slider will probably be way, way WAY off. After you reach your preferred height, you should be all done!

The results may vary, but here is an extreme example of a finished product on a human-like female KDF faction Alien to demonstrate the extent of glute enlargement:


And that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed my li'l guide, and have fun with your shiny new rockin' T6 fart boxes!

NOTE: For anyone that plays Champions Online or Neverwinter Online, Cryptic's other games, this tutorial would work if 1-Champions Online's tailor menu were to include decent vertical neck and upper body sliders, and 2-Neverwinter's character creation menu were to not be so gimped in general. Hell, you can't even adjust your character's HEIGHT in that game. Yeeesh.
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