A few bugs & clippings

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defera invasion map needs fixing for powerplant mission on medium level, can not rescue the researchers from behind the forcefields if there is only 1 instance. If there is more than 1 instance, have to find a working forcefield, but even then there is only 1 forcefield that resets correctly and many people are left to fight over who can use it first

Breen invasion story arc, out in the cold mission, Deferi Dilithium segment of mission, once on asteroid to save the deferi, game crashes to desktop. I've had it crash on me 6 times within 5 minutes while on asteroid.
Also, same mission, but Cracked Core segment, just before you transport to the asteroid, when firing weapons, the space clouds i will call it, vanishes and comes back again when not firing weapons. Also the star bleeds thru some of the asteroids, so its not rendering properly.

Combadges clippings galore. The one i want to use, i cant because it looks horrible or can barely see it. That is the DS9 badge. clips badly on female toons or male toons with large chest
So im forced to use another badge like the ops or sciences badges. Or make the toons chest flat and small as possible, which still looks horrible.
Wrath of khan also clips
There are a few others. been waiting for over a year for those clippings to be fixed.
The telaxian outfits, mainly the vests, they clip on the chest and look horrible, so i dont use them
Would be nice to see the clippings fixed since these are a paid item and not a earned item from events or whatever. :)

White box issue for graviton pulse i think it is called for one of the powers for the space set of omega maco gear. I reported it last year, still needs an icon for it.
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