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NPC Dialog

goldenavarielgoldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
I have several suggestions for NPC Dialog. I'm talking about the huge dialog screen that pops up in front of you when an NPC wants to talk to you.

1) Do not allow it to pop up when you are in red alert mode. It is just a bit irritating to complete an objective and have an NPC jump in front of you trying to get your attention and blocking your view while there are still plenty of dangerous enemies running around shooting at you.

2) Make them party-friendly. The dialog logic is very inconsistent when in a party. Sometimes everyone can read at their own pace and the only thing you risk is everyone else closing it and moving on. Sometimes the dialog will close down the instant someone gets to the last [Continue] option and cut off back-story for everyone else - sometimes that final cut-off dialog option is highlighted green so you know it will happen and sometimes not. And sometimes, but rarely, the dialog will take a vote to indicate that they've made a decision about what to do or to simply continue.

All of that needs to be standardized so the players know the ramification of taking any particular dialog option. This is mainly for formal groups, not pugs. No one in a pug is reading the dialog anyway but in a formal group it is very easy for a veteran to accidentally cut off critical story points from getting across to the newer players.

Just my 2 cents that no dev will ever read but hey, got it off my chest. This is the thing our 2 new players that started with the Delta Recruit event are complaining about the most.
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