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The U.S.S. Wilde wants you (Cross fleet, cross faction, in-game RP)

bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Captain's Table (RP)
The U.S.S. Wilde is a weekly RP that takes place in-game. Every Friday at 9:30 (EST) It's open to all fleets (It's not a fleet itself so you don't need to leave your current) and all factions (Romulan, Klingon, and Federation)

Here's the basic premise of the RP:
About the Mission:
-Following the path of the U.S.S. Voyager (Original) and observing cultural and political changes in the past 30 years. Attempting to make allies for the Delta Quadrant Alliance.
-Map out and explore further areas of note
-Observe Borg presence in the Delta Quadrant.
Search out evidence of Iconian involvement past, present, and future in cultures previously encountered by Voyager. Stop them from gaining more subservient races if at all possible. Look for evidence of a secondary command base being set up.

About the ship

-The U.S.S. Wilde is the latest Pathfinder class starship. It also included an experimental Prototype Slipstream drive that is in the process of being perfected. It still has a lot of problems, design flaws, some of them very dangerous.
-It holds the latest in weapons, propulsion and shielding technology.
-Commissioned by Joint Command It consists of a Joint crew of Romulan, Klingon, and Starfleet officers. It is supposed to be a symbol of a permanent peace, but naturally has given birth to tension among the crew.


Captain: Benjamin Tiller (Starfleet)

Commander (Romulan Ambassador): Ta'el

Commander (Klingon Ambassador)
: Korok

1st officer (Starfleet Represenative): Shrad

Chief Science Officer: (Vacant)

Chief Ops Officer: Ensign Tala (Klingon)

Chief Tactical Officer: Lt. Commander Byron Little (Terran/Romulan)

Chief Medical Officer: (Vacant)

Helmsman: Lieutenant Martin (Starfleet)

Chief Engineer
: Lt. commander Korath (Klingon)

Engineer: Lieutenant Liam (Starfleet)
Chief of Security (Vacant)
Astrometrics: Lieutenant Stellara (Starfleet)
Medic: Ensign Nilani Perim (Starfleet)
Moral Officer/Councillor (Vacant)

If there's any interest, just leave a comment below with the toon, faction, and position you'd like to fill. Positions fill on a First Come First Serve Basis. There's always room for extras (Security, Engineering, Sciences) OR contact me in game at @bentiller.


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