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A little advice for a Raider Build

gofasternowgofasternow Member Posts: 1,390 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Klingon Discussion
Okay, I've had an idea for my Sci Gorn involving my Plesh Brek that I've let sit for too long and I plan to pull this over to other characters with Raider types (and especially pull this over to BOP once I get one), but I need a little bit of advice.

The main idea I had for this was an all AP build with the Kinetic Cutting Beam and the Omni-Directional AP Beam Array from "Sphere of Influence" in the back (with the Obelisk core as the core). My problem is what should I use for the front? Right now, I'm thinking either all DBBs, all Beam Arrays, three DBBs and the Crystalline Torpedo and three Beam Arrays and said Torpedo. Since this is the first time I've dealt with these, I could use a bit of help with it.

Another thing is ship gear, mostly the shield/deflector/engine set up. Honestly, I could see myself dumping the Obelisk core and (once I get up to 60 - I'm at 58 still ATM) putting in the Kobali core for maximum defense, but I'm curious what ya'll think.
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  • szerontzurszerontzur Member Posts: 2,309 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    I will preface this by saying I'm not much of a raider-jockey so I am probably ignorant about the finer aspects of the gameplay style, but it sounds like you're trying to use a dagger like a mace.

    Raiders generally have terrible combat stamina, using speed and cloak to mitigate being targetting and damaged; lunging from the shadows when your foe is most vulnerable. Why would you cripple your (enhanced) battlecloak with a sustained weapon like a cutting beam or omni array? With a non-cloaking raider, I could see running it, but not a cloaking Bird of Prey.

    With Flanking and decloak modifiers, your main strength is alpha strikes from behind. I've personally found broadsiding beam builds to actually be decent with flanking; you can keep your speed up while staying in the sweet spot. I know torpedo builds are quite popular as well - you can frontload a lot of damage in an opening strike with torpedo setups while making use of EBC to minimize exposure. My experience with energy-based forward attack builds(DHCs/DBBs) on Raiders has been.. okay, but nothing remarkable.

    The Subspace Jumper console from the Ch'tang(?) is quite nice at putting you in the perfect flanking position for opening alpha strikes if you do opt for a forward attack setup - it combos nicely with the Plesh Brek's short range resistance debuff console.

    Set-wise, I'd probably suggest the Counter-Command or Aegis sets for their +Defense bonuses. +hull and +shields don't really scale well with Raiders.
  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,140 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    I don't recommend building and playing any Raider/BOP to be like an Escort and play as an Escort. None of them have the staying power to do it. Not even the Bree Raider, which is a tougher Raider than the BOPs.

    The handling characteristics of Raiders, their short staminas, heavily lend themselves to Hit & Run style of attacks. Go in and flank, fire away. You do this right, you're going to garner a lot of aggro your way. If you don't get aggro, you're not doing your job ;) If your'e doing it right, you've only typically got time for ONE firing cycle of something like CRF/CSV. When I've flown my Breen Raider, Birds of Prey, I never have time to sit there and spam attacks like the Escorts, Cruisers, Carriers, Science Vessels do. I do my spike and notice the fire going my way. That's my cue to get out and recover.

    Personally, I feel Raiders / Birds of Prey are best offensively built "Old School STO" style. Single target focus builds; Featuring DHCs predominantly with CRF; Additional "spike" attacks like BO and/or HYT.

    I've built the T5U B'Rel, Norgh, Breen Raider something along these weapon lines:

    Fwd: DHCx4 / Aft: Omnibeam, KCB

    Fwd: DHCx3, DBB or Torp / Aft: KCB, Turret

    Fwd: DHCx3, Torp / Aft: KCB, Omnibeam
    APO/CRF/BO/HYT - Very costly in TAC slots but it can be done.

    I personally prefer the BO be used on a DBB than an Omni. That's a vast difference in hitting power. But an Omni in the rear with BO is still decent enough to add its damage along with your DHCs going CRF.

    Also, if you're Disruptor/Phaser oriented, do not forget the 8472 Rep's Heavy Disruptor/Phaser Turret. It has the damage capability of a Single Cannon instead of a much weaker turret, yet still has 360 degree arc and use Cannon abilities. On a Raider which only has 6 weapon slots, every bit of extra firepower matters.

    You have to accept the fact that due to the lack of stamina on Raiders, you are never going to truly break even in a DPS race with decently flown Escorts, TAC Cruisers, etc. What you CAN do very well is unload concentrated damage on single targets, especially when you throw in Flanking bonuses (Raider Flanking to possibly include Flanking bonus from Intel Spec). In a day and age where everyone is BFAW happy hitting stuff that doesn't matter, SOMEONE needs to be able to put ALL their damage where it matters most.
  • wotertoolwotertool Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    How do you defeat people, on Ker'rat for example, when you always only have 1 pass?

    I imagine it that you deal a great amount of damage, cloak and fly away. During you get ready for another attack, he heals himself up again.
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