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What did yor toon do in the Delta Quadrant? (rp thread)

lessley00lessley00 Member Posts: 1,200 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Ten Forward
V'Mar did some actual exploration with Va'Kel Shon of the USS Enterprise and Alex Makepeace of the USS Aurora

R'Tath ran out of frozen epohh's but found the warp 10 salamanders (aka Paris and Janeway's kids) delicious

Shanara put up with hours of questions on the Klingon culture from Neelix but it ended when she wounded him and went off to find a foe worthy enough to fight her

What did your toons do?
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Captain Joseph Riker, U.S.S. Odyssey==General V'Mar, U.S.S. Blackwater-A==Admiral Laura Holmes, U.S.S. Forward Unto Dawn
Grand Master Thotok, son of Koloth, I.K.S. Sompek==Dahar Master Shanara, I.K.S. Balth'Quv

Admiral R'Tath V'Tirex, R.R.W. Dhael Glohha'enh==Commander Ta'eth Korval, R.R.W Hachae ch'Rhian==Admiral Vranuk, R.R.W Delevhas


  • worffan101worffan101 Member Posts: 9,518 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    D'trel killed some Kazon, beat the Vaadwaur, executed the Kobali leader for crimes against sentience, and went home.

    Three murdered some guys, she's not sure who, but she enjoyed it. Three's a monster.
  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,803 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    My fed toon and crew have been replaced with their dark mirrors.
    Been waging a war of conquest in the DQ in the empire's name
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      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
    • chandlerasharichandlerashari Member Posts: 348 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      was around as backline medic help, effectivly becoming the hospital ship of the war against the vaaduwaurs.

      Defended self one time against a Vaduwaur raid. Minimal casualties.
    • hfmuddhfmudd Member Posts: 879 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      My Joined Trill Science captain tried her best to uphold the ideals of Starfleet, re-establishing ties and cleaning up the messes that Voyager made. Since I was going with the EU origin of the bluegills (and am now trying to reconcile that with the reveal in the epilogue), she had a somewhat personal stake in that plotline; she immediately twigged to the mention of isoboramine, and when Eldex uttered with shock and disgust, "What was that?", her reply was a grim/sad "Our ancient shame."

      (She also tried to tell him to get out of the spawning pool, now damnit, but then the larval queen showed up and it all became rather moot.)
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    • grandnaguszek1grandnaguszek1 Member Posts: 2,188 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      I shot all the new aliens I met.

      Edit: I helped Neelix too.
    • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,376 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Antonine worked primarily on the Borg liberation issues with the Delta Alliance in the 'northern' sectors near the sphere.

      An'riel, as is her wont, fell into trouble and then shot her way out again.
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    • hawku001xhawku001x Member Posts: 10,368 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Seifer assisted the Vaadwaur in any way he could, providing secret codes and sensitive Starfleet tactical information before realizing they were the bad guys. He quickly snuck out the back and luckily ran into the noble and righteous Kazon.

      Menchez chased Borg spheres for days for that perfect "Perhaps today is a good day to die" moment, but was unable to get it just right. Provoking the Borg constantly led to his ship and crew getting assimilated, and just seconds before he was to lose his individuality he realized this was it-- This was the moment-- Unfortunately, he and his crew were liberated by Hugh.
    • mhall85mhall85 Member Posts: 2,852 Arc User1
      edited March 2015
      Tzadik longed to be in the Gamma Quadrant, instead.

      N'Vek got really tired of trying to convince DQ species that he's a liberated Borg drone... oh, ignore the assimilated ship, and the Borg technology running throughout said ship, and the other three officers that are former drones... nothing to see here, move along.
    • ambassadormolariambassadormolari Member Posts: 709 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      In addition to fighting against the Vaadwaur, Arkos has been studying Delta Quadrant tech whenever he can get his hands on it. Only Starfleet's orders and the Federation's provision of rights for AIs have kept him from seeking out and personally disassembling the APUs for study.

      He was also quite happy to meet the Talaxians and sample their cooking. The experience almost killed him, but against his better judgement, he asked for seconds.

      Ta'nara and Meral, meanwhile, have both been busy grinding in Argala....er, I mean, engaging in anti-piracy operations against the Kazon. Ta'nara was also engaging in intelligence operations against the Vaadwaur, though she resented having someone like Tuvok instruct her on proper infiltration techniques.
    • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 13,420 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Etilen discovered the secret behind Neelix's deadly cheese and subsequenly weaponsized it. The Iconians won't know what hit them!

    • k20vteck20vtec Member Posts: 506 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      After he took out the Vaadwaur Gaul. Masaki stayed in Alpha and Beta quadrant to combat Borg, 8472, Tal Shiar remnants, rogue dominion and True way fanatics etc... He was recalled bak once when Cpt. Kim requested by name.
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    • grandnaguszek1grandnaguszek1 Member Posts: 2,188 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      I glassed the new Talaxian homeword and made it look like the Iconians did it, hehehe.
    • fatman592fatman592 Member Posts: 1,207 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      The butcher of the Alpha Quadrant went to another quadrant and did what he does best. What's a few more bodies at the feet of a mass murderer? My only regret, not wiping out every Talaxian I met...
    • starswordcstarswordc Member Posts: 10,914 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      lessley00 wrote: »
      What did your toons do?
      Eleya was deployed to the Kobali Prime theatre and helped stalemate the Vaads, then delivered a peace offer to them when her orders were changed, and is currently (I haven't finished the fic yet) exploring an abandoned Borg installation.

      Morgan made first contact with the Optrican Assemblage, wiped out the Kazon-Tarrik to a man, and helped D'trel deal with the two Harrys.

      Brokosh never went to the Delta Quadrant. He was a little busy commanding the Sixth Fleet back home in the AQ.
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    • dourifdourif Member Posts: 49 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Well all my toons are starting to degrade for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with the demon class planet they landed on.

      (edit: Cryptic just mailed me I have two accounts now!? Odd...).
    • cptjhuntercptjhunter Member Posts: 2,288 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Apologize to every female my Captain "Kirked" in the Delta quadrant.

      They all have the Orion clap now.:o
    • djxprimedjxprime Member Posts: 522 Arc User
      edited March 2015
      Capt. Xavier and his crew were initially assigned to help with the campaign on Kobali Prime. However, when he found out about the Kobali's means of reproduction and the Vaadwuar being held in the temple, he began to protest their involvement to Starfleet Command. There was on incident where the Kobali picked up his wife--assuming that she died on the battlefield--and almost took her away to convert her body. This resulted in him locking horns with Captain Dralia (their final argument involved him telling her to "go f*** herself!") He was almost relieved of his command, but was spared when his senior officers and most of his ship lodged a series of formal complaints to the Federation Council on the Kobali matter, plus a letter from Capt. Harry Kim.

      Starfleet Command decided to reassign Capt. Xavier and his ship to patrol and exploration mission in the Delta Quadrant, with some fleet actions against the Vaddwuar elsewhere.

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