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Best single torpedo for TS3 PVE

trv13trv13 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
edited November 2014 in Federation Discussion

I want to put just one torpedo launcher on my ship and I have TorpedoSpread3. I'm trying to figure out which torpedo would be best for this in PvE. I'm looking for pure damage. I'm currently sporting a elite fleet photo torp, but I'm guessing that elite fleet quantum might be better in spreads.

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  • westx211westx211 Member Posts: 41,802 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    Neutronic Torpedo
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  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,204 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    westx211 wrote: »
    Neutronic Torpedo

    Very much this.

    The only other one for high Graviton & Particle Generator Builds is the Dyson Grav Torp for Grav Well & Torp Spread use.

    Other than that, the Neutronic Torpedo is the new standard.
  • venyarthvenyarth Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    Definitely Neutronic. Some numbers:

    In multiple ISA (Infected Space Advanced) STF's, I've parsed Torpedo Spread 3 spikes of 400K damage using a Mk XIII Neutronic.

    One ISA I parsed TS3 spikes of 400K, 250K, 190K, 150K, 150K....so Neutronic can consistently put out some big TS3 numbers.

    Don't let the fact/animation of only 3 Neutronic torpedoes (compared to 8 standard torpedoes) launched per target with TS3 make you think Neutronic doesn't put out the biggest damage numbers.

    I've not come close with any other torp in the same scenario (although as poster said above, Grav Torp is in the same class using specialized high Sci spec/builds).

    The above was using a Tac/Eclipse, no consoles (but AMACO 2 set bonus), and I'm sure others have easily topped these numbers using Mk XIV torps and/or specialized torpboat builds.
  • admiralcarteradmiralcarter Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    There are no Elite Fleet Torpedos though... only advanced.

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  • lordsteve1lordsteve1 Member Posts: 3,492 Arc User
    edited November 2014
    If you have access to grav well then it's the Gravmetric Photon Torpedo.
    Grav well + torp Rifts = a whole swirly mess of ships exploding.

    If you don't have access to a grav well then Neutronic Torpedo is the better choice. The sheer damage it puts out is crazy and the radiation DOT is a nice bonus too.

    Also i'd give some consideration to the Enhanced Biomolecular Photon. Against Undine it's a real nasty one and it spits out so many torps it just looks mad. Damage is pretty good too. Also if you have access to HY as well as TS then this one is a winner by far IMO, I've managed crits of 200K+ with this thing in HY.
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