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Plasma-Integrated Singularity Core?

royalsovereignroyalsovereign Member Posts: 1,344 Arc User
I picked up an odd duck last night - dropped in a Foundry mission. It is an uncommon Mark XI "plasma-integrated singularity core". I've never seen one before - although I've seen standard A-M warp cores like it.

Rather than the usual +5 to +15 power for one subsystem, its bonus is stated as a "+100% power regeneration for all subsystems". Just curious whether that would be at all useful - I just don't understand the power mechanics well enough to judge it myself.
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  • lordmalak1lordmalak1 Member Posts: 4,587 Arc User
    edited October 2014
    I got one from CE last week. Odd bird indeed, and since I don't have a rom I quickly banked it for future exploitation.
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