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Dear Twyla (possible very minor bug)

xyquarzexyquarze Member Posts: 2,091 Arc User
Dear Twyla,

you are the newest addition to my bridge crew, joining just the other day, and may I say so, you are a very great and welcome addition. Your intelligence is great, your abilities are greater, and your intelligence abilities are the best. Seriously, when you first shook that Unimatrix vessel with the Ionic Turbulence, we nearly crashed laughing. You're still a bit slow in ground combat, though, but we'll work on that.

But please understand one thing. You are not the Captain of the ship. You are only one commanders out of many, and the one with the shortest service span to boot. So, when there's ship-to-captain-on-mission communication, please let the more experienced guys-n-gals have a word, too.

Your Captain

PS: That is an order, commander!

(Joking aside, my new Tac/Intel boff is going all Tovan on me, every cenversation window features her, although not always her name. While not really disturbing, I think there may be a minor bug somewhere, anybody else experienced similar things?)
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