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Translation: Romulan duty officers. Well, close enough.

This weekend's doff event and the SNAFU regarding the Liberated Borg Rom DOff has highlighted an issue that's been eating at me. While I enjoy having a diverse crew on my Starfleet ships, I've always tried to keep my Romulan ships crewed by Romulans. As most of you know, that's not an easy task.

For awhile, I had good luck with the doff grinder on New Romulus. I would feed it dilithium and Fed civilians and colonists, and get back uncommon Romulan doffs. As my roster filled and dilithium budgets allowed, I'd feed it greens and blues. But lately, all I get in return is Fed doffs. This is extremely frustrating.

What I would like to see:
A) Make the New Romulus grinder accept doffs of any species.
B) Let it award Romulan and Reman doffs. Suliban would be OK I suppose, though I usually sell them on the exchange.
C) I think the grinders on Qo'nos and ESD are OK - they seem happy to accept Rom doffs and reward random Fed/Klinks all day long. (EDIT: I could be wrong, tho ...)
D) Can we at least get a Romulan exchange mission, similar to the Cardassian/Bajoran/etc. exchange missions? That way we could exchange purple Fed/Klinks and have a reasonable chance of getting purple Roms in return.
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