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Helixfungus mission trade reviews

helixfungushelixfungus Member Posts: 172 Arc User
Hi everyone !
I wish to open this thread to exchange reviews with others players/foundry authors, as well to offer a wide look at my missions in case you want to try one...

If you want to trade/exchange review, the rule to follow is simple, you choose one of the missions listed under, leave a review, both here in thread and in the foundry STO review log, then I play one of yours of your choice to rev yours as well...


The Claws of Stovokor - by helixfungus

Klingon sided mission - space and interiors combat, mostly dialog based
Any level
This is my first klingon mission, after I did several fed ones... the synopse goes like this:
You have the assignment to retrieve and fetch back into Klingon space a covert team
illegally unleashed against the Federation, and actually capable of ruin it for good.
Why you should stop them ? Because you want to trash the Federation the "right" way...

transformalin: "Nice story and battles, good work"

RogueEnterprise: "Interesting plot, kept me engaged, some cool bridge-based fighting like "Purity I" "


Ghost in the Machine - by helixfungus

Fed sided mission - Space and interiors combat, mostly dialog based
Lev 41+
Here you saved a fed system from a Borg invasion attempt... but you don't remember anything of it. You will recalll your epic actions with the help of a "friend" : Q... but at the same time you will remember another friend a sort of (title), much more enjoyable than Q...

RogueEnterprise "Some interesting custom maps and plot kept me going well enough to give it 4 stars..."

Velocitore "Interesting story and fun mission, I enjoyed playing it"

The Mutara Legacy - by helixfungus

Fed sided mission - Space, outdoors and interiors combat, mostly dialog based
31+ level.
A time travel story, with the Federation of the far future as guest star, where you will discover the consequences of the Klingons getting the Genesis device into their grasp

Grants you standard dilithium reward upon completion.

Some reviews:

squireofgothos1 "Very good nod to The Wrath of Khan/The Search for Spock. I enjoyed it a lot"

valleyforger "I liked the space combat in this, as well as the story, nailing til the end"

Sons of Organia - by helixfungus

Fed sided mission - Space, outdoors and interiors combat, mostly dialog based
Any level.

The mission qualifies for standard foundry rewards (dilithium)

In this mission you will discover why Organians fell silent, and why they have returned in this adventure.

This is the only mission with federation ship interiors that have to be of your ship, so its best to equip a Federation ship.

My first mission ever published. And an ambitious one as well, offering a follow up to a well known TOS established story... it went into several grammar parsing as you could check in her review log, and as of now it is pretty playable - even if Tennyson I am not...

Some reviews:

mthomps016 "A nice bit of fun with references to TOS and STO plots"

allosanfan "I really liked this one, please do a follow up on it"
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  • helixfungushelixfungus Member Posts: 172 Arc User
    edited June 2014


    The Good, The Bad and Q

    (Previously released as "The Good, the Bad and L")

    Any level.

    The mission qualifies for standard foundry rewards (dilithium)

    Fed sided mission - Exterior/interiors maps. And there is Q...
    You will be picked by Q to a particular favor to him. All will start when he will compel you to rob a sacred jewel on Bajor... but Q aim will be evident only at the end...

    Some reviews:

    farfarello1 "Very good Q story"


    The City on the Edge of Hope

    Any level. Fed sided mission. Solo mission.

    You have been assigned to oversee a peace conference with the Tholians...
    To ensure a positive result in this, Starfleet COmmand decided to involve a
    very good Bolian mediator, Tara Davell. There is a couple of little drawback tough...
    For personal reasons Davell is not moving from her resident planet, Ketrana, which is
    troubled territory... an ex cardassian colony where 2 different indigenous life forms
    fight with each other... and is masking a very old secret who will no longer be hidden...


    Shadows of Methuselah

    By helixfungus

    level 50+

    Fed sided, solo mission

    The mission qualifies for standard foundry rewards (dilithium)

    A long forgotten Star Trek classic guest reappear in this mission. In his last words to captain James T. Kirk he promised to study ways to ease human condition but since then nodoby knew anything more about him...

    If you play this mission you will peek at Flint of TOS episode "Requiem for Methuselah" , and what he created after the encounter with the classic NCC - 1701...

    There is romance for your straight male lead character. You have the choice to turn it down anyway if not interested or do not feel confortable with the idea.

    Proofread and support on dialogs made by my good friend Ashkrik23, who I thank deeply for the help.

    The Caitian Gambit - Part 1 of 2

    by @helixfungus

    Entry point is Kei System in Sirius Sector
    The first of two part story centered around the same character, Starfleet
    Caitian Admiral Bim Chip. The mission contains a deliberate
    tribute to Star Trek: the Motion Picture. I rebooted it in
    Caitian sausage... The second part will resolve the Rodo
    Contain moderate combat, ground and space ones.

    Best played with non Caitian toons.
    Don't skip dialogs, or you will fail immersion !

    Revised grammar and typos with the invaluable help of @Tomar317
  • helixfungushelixfungus Member Posts: 172 Arc User
    edited September 2014

    Let's continue to explore the Delta Volanis Cluster... you won't fail to encounter new life forms and new worlds. Their civilizations can be fatal... or friendly.
    Up to you to interfere countervening the First Directive though...

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