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Checked out kit-revamp on Tribble; use it for boffs powers and ship layouts too.

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
Topic: "Checked out kit-revamp on Tribble; use it for boffs powers and ship layouts too."

The "kit-revamp" on Tribble is fairly straight-forward: Cryptic retained the kits we have and added to the setup an analog of ship consoles/console trays where kit-powers were copied onto "consoles" and kit-items were made into a combination passive-skill-buff + tray-of-console-slots. They are profession specific and combinations of powers are limited by "sub-types".

On Boffs: It can be used on boffs by converting their "power sets" into "level-less-powers-on-consoles". You let the slot the power is plugged into dictate the power's rank. You can even limit which slots a power can be plugged into to emulate the current segregated-within-profession-power-lists we have now. These consoles can be plugged into the boff's skills-UI by adding slots to the page, or into a boff-kit which can be plugged into the boff's status-UI by enabling the kit slot on that page.

(this change does not require modifying the "skill points" sliders on the skills-UI page).
(this change uses the that makes it possible for captains to obtain CMDR grade powers from captains of other professions to use on bound boffs of those professions).

On Ships: It can serve to reduce ship's status-UI footprint by moving weapons, equipment (deflector(s), engines, warp-cores, shields, future-items), devices, consoles, and even sets of hangars into "kits" for each type - which in the case of equipment will free up 3-4 rows (4 on ships with "2nd deflectors") of vertical space and in so doing keep 2nd deflectors, when released for every ship, from shoving hangars under the inventory button when the UI is at its smallest available form-factor. It will also prepare the UI by making space for whatever changes come the day port/starboard ship's weapon animation nodes are implemented on the live server.

Alternatively the entire ship's status-UI could be thrown out and a new one could be implemented that is more "Star Trek", but that is an entirely separate discussion.


If you like the new kit, support variation of its applied use as described above, or have alternative changes, post below.

Leave all Pro/Anti-Cryptic Propaganda outside.
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