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Saucer/Chevron/MVAE Separation; making them work together, and better.

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
The original thread is in the Federation Shipyards, if a moderator could move it here and merge it to this one it would be appreciated.

As for the digest form:
"The MVAE's special-flight-mode-toggle lets the player fly the MVAE in one piece or as any of the three pieces it can separate into (alpha, beta, gamma).

The Saucer/Chevron separation toggle currently only lets the player fly the stardrive of a ship.

Proposal: Leverage the MVAE's "multiple-selection" component on the Saucer/Chevron separation (allowing the player to fly the saucer or stardrive). Then leverage the "destroyer or science" toggle from the Dyson Science Destroyer on the MVAE/Saucer/Chevron separation abilities where boff stations are altered (however slightly it may be) to fit the new situation.

(see original thread HERE for all of the examples)

One example from the original thread:
The "Galaxy" Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (ECR) currently has this seating:

"Saucer-mode" could have this seating:

"Stardrive-mode" could have this seating:

This proposal can be leveraged with "separation features" on any ship as implied by davidwford who brought up the Haakona (which I only thought about after posting and leaving) who also offered up another, novel, candidate (which I was reserving mention of for a thread on "how to greatly enhance the leveraging of hangars, or 'away teams in space'") - the Odyssey-Aquarius combo:
davidwford wrote: »
Cool Idea.. but i doubt the devs will do that....
Really? It sounds an awful lot like the Haakona's multi-vector. And that ship only has two sections compaired to Prome's three.

I support the suggestion to choose commanding either the Saucer or the Stardrive. And for the Oddy, if the entire set is equipped, then the option of commanding the Aquarius would be an "upgrade" to the Cheveron's Separation power.

MODERATORS: Can you be so kind as to move the Federation Shipyard thread over here and merge it with this one? Thanks!
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