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Saucer/Chevron/MVAE Separation; making them work together, and better.

projectfrontierprojectfrontier Member Posts: 0 Arc User
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    This is fairly simple -

    The MVAE's special-flight-mode-toggle lets the player fly the MVAE in one piece or as any of the three pieces it can separate into (alpha, beta, gamma).

    The Saucer/Chevron separation toggle currently only lets the player fly the stardrive of a ship.

    Proposal: Leverage the MVAE's "multiple-selection" component on the Saucer/Chevron separation (allowing the player to fly the saucer or stardrive). Then leverage the "destroyer or science" toggle from the Dyson Science Destroyer on the MVAE/Saucer/Chevron separation abilities where boff stations are altered (however slightly it may be) to fit the new situation.

    For example:
    The "Galaxy" Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (ECR) currently has this seating:

    "Saucer-mode" could have this seating:

    "Stardrive-mode" could have this seating:

    What this represents is down-ranking the ship's LTC station by -1 and up-ranking one its LT stations by +1 in a manner similar to the system found on Dyson Science Destroyer. Let us look at a more "aggressive" ship:

    The "aggressive" "Galaxy" Dreadnought currently has this hybrid assault/star-cruiser seating:

    A "more aggressive saucer-mode" could have this seating:

    And a "more aggressive stardrive-mode" could have this seating:

    That seems pretty "aggressive" and a little uneven, moving +3 stations for saucer-mode but only +2 for star-drive mode; will have to start with a difference base-layout for this one and try again later.

    So let us try a "really aggressive" ship like the MVAE in the meantime:

    The "really aggressive" MVAE currently has this seating:

    The "really aggressive" MVAE Alpha (saucer engineering) section could have this seating:

    The "really aggressive" MVAE Beta (upper-stardrive tactical) section could have this seating:

    The "really aggressive" MVAE Gamma (lower-stardrive science) section could have this seating:

    Those adjustments seem "fairly aggressive" and emphasize the "focuses" of each ships alternative configurations.

    So the questions are, in light of the samples above shall we give the players the option to choose which part of their ship they break off into, yes/no? and change the boff seating to coincide with the part of the ship taken in a fashion similar to how the DSD toggles Escort/Science modes, yes/no?
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