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(Recruiting RP'ers) Order of the Watchmen. Have you heard the news?

bentillerbentiller Member Posts: 43 Arc User
edited December 2013 in Qo'noS
How long will you be blind warrior? How long will you stand the corruption that lurks in every shadow of the Empire! The empire is dying, being eaten away from the inside.

How long will you wait? Perhaps you have heard whisperings of an order who seeks to drive out this corruption. Who calls for us to remember the ideas of Honor and Tradition that Kahless himself taught us.

The order needs warriors to hear it's cry. Awaken to the world around you and think where your actions will lead. Will you help bring about the Empire's destruction, or will you fight, like true warriors, to drive this corruption out!

The choice rests with you. The Order is waiting.

recruiting message

We request that people interested in the fleet look at the link to our website below to put in an application, however we also will respond to applications and posts on this thread. We highly encourage anyone willing to taking more senior roles, however, we accept RPers of all levels.

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