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Little but useful improvement to Fleet Doffs

leoll2leoll2 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Fleet Holdings require a lot of Doffs, so I usually buy them from Fleet Starbase with FC. However, the boring thing is that it requires a lot of time: in fact, you've to click 500 times to buy 250 packs, 250 clicks to open them and 250 other clicks to select them in the contributing window. A total of 1000 clicks (even more, if you have to switch holding, project, window, ...) just to contribute 250 doffs, every day! This takes a lot of time, and is very boring.
My proposal is: add an option to buy multiple packs at a time (like when you buy hypos/regenerators from a vendor), another to open them all (obviously, only if you've enough space in your doff roster) and, finally, the option "donate all duty officers" in the contributing window of fleet projects (as for commodities and fleet marks).
Hope Devs will check this.
Comment and let me know if you like the idea.
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  • czertik123czertik123 Member Posts: 1,122 Arc User
    edited October 2013
    this was requsted many times, and pw is blind to this, onlyest hope is to have it is s9, since i have no hope it wikl be in s8. but question is, with so many annoing things, 2yo bugs..etc - that game reacch s9.
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