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New Romulan Maps for the Foundry

zadamazadama Member Posts: 78 Arc User
After playing up to the Nimbus arc as a Romulan, I've seen many brand new mission maps which look fantastic - and I can't help but think, "How long until we see them in the Foundry?". They could be used in so many different ways by creative Foundry authors, and it would be a crying shame if they were left solely for the main game. Also, will the Nimbus Adventure Zone be hooked up to the Foundry as New Romulus, Bajor and others have been?

I know that the Foundry is offline right now on Tribble, and I'm not sure if the Devs have said anything regarding new assets for it in LoR. The question does have to be asked, however, as the new maps are far superior to most of the others in the game.
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