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Plasma Conductive Circuitry and torpedo DoTs

jaturnleyjaturnley Member Posts: 1,213 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Tribble - Bug Reports
Playing around with the new items on tribble and tweaking my plasma torp boat build, I noticed that the Plasma Conductive Circuitry ability appears to not be adding any damage to Plasma Torpedoes or their DoT effects. I can understand the first, as it is kinetic damage not Plasma, but the DoT effect is listed as being Plasma damage. This might be Working As Intended, but if it is, the description for the ability needs to be modified to clarify that it is for Plasma Energy Weapons, not just "Plasma".

Other than that, I am thrilled to be able to get the 25% torp damage bonus from the two-piece adapted maco set - I always wished I could get a KHG set for my fed, it's great to finally be able to.
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