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bumperthumperbumperthumper Member Posts: 513 Arc User
Are we going to get to encounter the Ba'neth?

I've pushed multiple times under the username "Archived Post" for working the Ba'neth into the game, and hopefully in an episode. It would start off as going to battle w/them, but end up as being allies in the end, giving new technology as a reward.

So little was done w/the race in the series that Cryptic/PWE should be able to have pretty much free reign, as long as the basis was off of the Voyager episode "Riddles".

Just a thought. Does anyone else agree?
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  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 11,556 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    Considering that they are a Delta Quadrant species and are xenophobic, then there is zero chance to see them ingame unless STO has access to the Delta Quadrant through some type of wormhole. Xenophobic species are extremely unlikely to explore space except for colonization or some religious belief to exterminate all life other than them. Besides there are other species that are closer to Earth and are just as interesting. Medusans is one species that would be interesting to have in the game and are sufficiently alien.
  • sparhawksparhawk Member Posts: 796 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    I suspect it will be a very long time before Cryptic expands into an Delta quadrant expansion season. Not that I would object to it if they eventually get around to doing that.
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