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dameos1976dameos1976 Member Posts: 24 Arc User

I am first and foremost a F2P player, I have spent $30 on PWE zen cards for this game, and i have to say i am going to be spending more.

I am sickened by all the flaming of people involving this game, especially with the newest "Sale" on subscriptions.

first of all its a SALE it means you save a little money to get / continue getting what your willing to buy in the first place, not a "Free Give Away"

I have been playing for about a month, maybe 2 tops, and have seen more patches, updates, and bug fixes in that time, than i have in any other MMORPG i have played in my lifetime, and that is going way back to Ultima-Online Beta (yes i am just that old) and i have played probly 20 - 30 other MMORPG's in that time, most if not all of which offered no F2P options, and gave little to no free updates / expansions.

if you dont like the game, there is a simple solution: Uninstall it, If you like the game then by all means post some possitive stuff.

do not waste my time, or others time, with your flaming useless posts about why you hate the game or PWE, or Cryptic, or Atari.

trying to search for things in the forums, that are helpful is like getting Route Canal with a chainsaw, with all the TRIBBLE people keep posting and flaming.

$10 a month, for 3 months, is a great deal. you get the account bank (1000 zen cost for F2P) 500 zen free each month for 3 months (1500 zen [$15 value]) Right there alone is a $25 value for a F2P.

As a gold member you get a bunch of stuff that F2P has to use zen to get, like the respec tokens, I think those are 100-300 zen each, per level up, so yeah, overall by offering this "SALE" PWE isn't making any money off anyone who enjoys playing the game, if anything they are giving you free stuff...

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