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Seeking fleet

horridpersonhorridperson Member Posts: 665 Arc User
edited July 2012 in Qo'noS
There are many out there just as there are many prospective members. I'm feeling a bit like a beggar posting on the cusp of season six but the guest post that Commodore Bob wrote encouraged me to examine the possibility of joining one myself.

I've been a solo player since I joined at the beginning of this year. I had no MMO experience before playing STO but I've had a geeky little place in my heart reserved for Star Trek since childhood so I guess I got hooked. I played throught the story missions initially but as I created new characters all the repetition got stale so I started looking at the PvE and PvP queues. I'm not an awesome player but I'm happy with what I've managed as an independent.

Any fleet worth belonging to has standards or criteria and I'm not certain which fleets I should consider. I figure presenting some of my concerns or preferences might give me some direction.

1. I don't know jack about quantum mechanics but the technobabble is nice window dressing. I don't own technical schematics but if I'm playing a game set in the Star Trek universe I don't want Han Solo, Marvin the Martian or Doug the Klingon as my wingers.

2. I'm interested in playing more team games and upping my game through cooperation.

3. Gathering resources is a dirty job but everybody should contribute; I pull my weight.

4. I'd like to learn more about the Foundry. The technical stuff is a bit of a challenge but even sharing some story ideas with other people who like that sort of thing would be cool.

5. Some of the fleets I've researched want exclusivity from their members. With Fleet goals in mind and time being a valuable commidity I understand this. Does your fleet expect all of my faction appropriate characters to join as a package deal or can I keep the others doing their own thing as long as they don't join other fleets. I can't realistically think I'd have the time to dedicate to more than a single fleet anyway.

6. Some RP might be nice as well. I don't want to be in character all the time but sometimes it might be fun to try (other geeky place holds fond memory of PnP rpgs).

7. Association with other people who appreciate the Star Trek universe. Who was your favorite character/shoot the breeze stuff.

That's what I can think of for now. Number 1 was potentially the most snarky so I put it first to save people it put off the time it took to read this far. If you have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. Thanks for reading this far.

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    commadorebobcommadorebob Member Posts: 1,223 Arc User
    edited July 2012
    Ferasan Shadow Force has only one requirement: you must be a Ferasan (480 CP).

    Otherwise, you are welcome to partake in fleet events whenever you can. We are not that stringent. We'll help out anyway we can. A lot of us are looking for excuses to replay the KDF story arc. You could be a LG50 in a few days.

    To address your other issues:
    1. My Ferasan is named after a cat in the extended edition of a Muppets song.

    2. Fleets do that.

    3. Good. But the big thing will be participating in Fleet Defense Events. Anomalies drop like flies.

    4. Ferasan Shadow Force is the home of several prominent Foundry authors..

    5. All we want is your Ferasan. You can do whatever with your other characters. Even if you have two Ferasans, we don't demand all of your alts join (but you will probably want to anyway).

    6. There is a group within our fleet that will RP. We have even been known to do promotion ceremonies from time to time. Hopefully a lot of that will increase once we have Fleet Starbase instances to ourselves.

    7. That's why we are here. We have discussions on almost everything. But I do appreciate it if you keep political topics off the fleet channel. We play STO to get AWAY from real life.
    "If you have never used Cello, I'm not interested in your browser opinion."
    In game: Commadore_Bob; Joined Jul 2009; That post count + 20,000
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    sweetboobsnsweetboobsn Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited July 2012
    I saw that you might want to rp. Role playing a beautiful Orion girl requires very little effort. The rp is in the created character all you have to do is act natural and you will enjoy being a beautiful Orion. Beautiful Orion's have a fleet called, 'The House of beautiful Orion girls'' we are 165 strong and do the pvp and stf regularly. We plan on making our starbase the biggest and best filled with beautiful Orion's. I played my foundry mission called, "Beautiful Houses' Island resort" with a male friend and afterward he wanted to join the fleet just to be around us. Today he's part of our fleet. With 165 scantly clad girls running around I believe it's nice to have a few guys who love looking at us in the fleet. :cool:
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    horridpersonhorridperson Member Posts: 665 Arc User
    edited July 2012

    Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate that you were willing to review the whole post and answer all of my questions relating to your fleet. After a look at your responses the only issue I had to rexamine was the first and it was more a matter of self examination.

    I recognize that I'm a bit of a stickler for canon. I'm not aware of this harming anyone else's play experience. I may be disappointed when I see the USS Dirk Diggler flying past in sector space but I don't PM the owner and call them names. My opinions have hurt my play experience.

    Realizing this it might be time to try not to take recreation so seriously. It turned out I had already unlocked the Ferasan species and had already considered creating a Ferasan captain. I have two cats and the younger one is a mean and sneaky creature that delights in torturing her prey (my older cat). My only disappointment with the character creator was that I couldn't give her a pink nose. I think that she has the makings of a fine Tac officer and would like to join Ferasan Shadow Force.

    I did check out the joint fleet website but wasn't able to locate an application. If you could point me in the right direction I'd like to make a submission.

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