Quest Problem, Mysterious Old Man

i have a huge Problem with a Quest i actually want to make.
Its the new Questchain, started from the Elder of Archosaur.

At the Part where i stuck, i have to take the Mysterious Old Man to the Light Empress Kestra. There i have to fill in Letters, what the Old Man normally would say.

All say the Words appear on the Screen.

But for me there is nothing to see.

It must be a Bug.
I tried with:

HD Mode
Without HD Mode
Without UI Size
With Ui Size
All Graphic on lowest
All Graphic on Highest
Restart Game
Relog Char
Close all Windows
Move all Windows to other spots, to see perhaps it come on another Place
try to fly, to walk, to jump, to run
try to wait before speak with npc

I dont know what else i can do now. I need to play this Quest, to enter the new World. I stuck now. Its bad for me.