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  • What is classified as GM powers on a GM account and what is considered server wide settings are two dramatically different things. Most functions that are considered "simple" on the server levels are things that are controlled by CN. The r…
  • Community Managers are typically employees, Heero is not an employee but he was promoted to Forum Moderator status. Forum Mods are not employed by PWE. As far as Faction Bases, from what I remember, time changes will always affect this feature as w…
  • You can request charge limit cap raises through Customer Support, this is nothing new. Spenders however are probably not keen on telling people what their limits are set to. Easiest way they could check transferring of gold through the Homestead is…
  • To OP - probably not, because S+ isn't even counted in the title requirements for having the full War Avatar completion (as far as I'm aware). It's strange they put in things like Paramount in, but it makes sense to revisit content by making a new v…
  • The cycle of servers on China usually goes like - open new server on an expansion/content update, have it live for a bit and then merge it into one of the existing ones. When you see announcements like "Service Change" or something in Goog…
  • @mechabeastmc666 One person did it on HT impersonating a GM char. Some people do it for lols - Ive never seen malicious intent before. This account is my main that Ive referred to over the years as the one Ive played actively. *shrugs* And sorry if…