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  • Yeah, I liked the Spring Festival thing. Easy exp in little time. :( They should at least remove the damn entries from the quest list.
  • Working links would be nice. I went to the comprehensive list of guides to find the guide for Token of The Seven. This is what you have: Go ahead and click it and tell me how that is supposed to help anyone. Are all the old forum posts gone or what? How in the hell are we…
  • Here's a great illustration: Let's say you are interested in the Token of the Seven quest chain. Here's your link from the new forum's "comprehensive list of guides" Go ahead and check it out. Great, huh? SMH!
  • The problem is, none of the links work anymore for quest guides or ANYTHING else I have tried to use. I have to find questionable sites that have the information I USED TO GET FROM THESE FORUMS!
  • Unbelievable. I just chased him halfway around the lake and had him down to 3HP and he ran under the wooden deck and just vanished. What a crock!
  • Really kind of ridiculous to even allow me to take it at this level, especially since it takes up slots to store the undeletable frickin things! What the hell were they thinking?
  • Thank you so much. I quit google for bing and didn't find it. I swear I searched this forum for the exact text and found hundreds of listings and didn't see it in there either. Wow, will have to do this awake more I guess. That guide doesn't say what level a quest it is. Will I be able to hang with a level 30 or so toon? I…