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  • lol moonlight cristal 13m ea in china... in pwi 0 for sale gg
  • i can even understand the price tags we got, but for **** sake game can't be disrupted this much because everything is balanced for china while our version is basically a different game for its economy playerbase and gear balance
  • (Quote) hi, i have lunar grade 5 (and i am the only one on pwi with it), it took me a lot of c$ and a lot more of luck, you need to open a slumbering into a 5 stats which is 10% and then you have 1% chance of opening grade 5, thus it's 0.1% chance …
  • afaik anything cross server needs white name?
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdgHYa8NyE4 not sure what those new dailies are for, i am scared to go read latest patches @ pwch
  • (Quote) btw about stormbringers, it seemed to me quite weird that they didnt change anything at all... is that confirmed or did i miss something? Is it possible that they perhaps put sbs on par with dbs in terms of nightshade race passive skill? be…
  • well seen the fact that we dont have cross tnf yet neither some other features china has, such as the npc to sell items\accounts, we dont have our r9r3 in the repository, we dont have a supply of moonlight cristals, i really doubt PWE is going to ad…
  • well china has the new battle royale pvp event already in which u have to farm mats for new passive skills (increased hp and charm cd debuff) prob is we should've had cross tnf already a couple of years ago and it's not here yet
  • (Quote) well on Da there is **** like supply so low that when u start buy mats for something ppl close catshops and reopens them with almost double price.... we have no teams doing 4-2 we have no teams doing UCH (stealth pots are a mirage on Da) we…
  • yea venos will still have **** crush vigor, 0def also since there might be no charms, mana switch combo and ****, also with probably no genies (even if it's mentioned you should keep yours) i am not sure new arena is going to be any fun, if it's a n…
  • (Quote) u keep your own skillset, genie, boundary, attributes, it's unclear in regard of cards and star chart, i might suppose those are going to be removed at all (all equipment is unvalid entering arena, so u enter arena with no gears i believe a…
  • (Quote) doesnt matter, looks like they changed the system which arigora coins are awarded, arigora coin output should be more than doubled (125% increase)
  • by what is google trans'd there looks like HA is getting def gearset, arcane channelling and LA aps
  • china patched arena http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/bulletin/20190705/81645.shtml 6v6 cancelled, 3v3 gets all players won't use their own equipment but they are gonna receive a "balanced" set of gears for each type of class... looks like they t…
  • pwi needs a total merge, cross server events can be played anyways same way even if the server is only 1, we leave some events EU TZ and some others NA TZ, big factions can adapt and make their eu players play certain events and NA players play othe…
  • it's indeed 5 for first
  • (Quote) ya... sadly we didn't yet
  • china upgraded xTW season rewards to G17 helmet instead of crown http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/bulletin/20190628/81632.shtml
  • @"Aeliah - Dreamweaver" we are talking mass, in mass your def charms are pretty much always down especially if you are frontline, in mass you can't aoe stun everyone, there will be still someone hitting you, i've been 1hitting portal bms w…
  • bms get focused a lot not because they are dangerous but simply because they are front line, most of the players attack targets with the tab button, and you are very likely to tab front line bms. Game switched up that much in damage that there is r…
  • (Quote) it can be good, it's just that as always it's broken\something is not balanced for our version :( sigh why do i always keep my hopes high for pwe...
  • is there a single moonlight crystal dropped across all the servers? The thing this item doesn't drop along with the fact there is not our version of r9r3 armors in repository, it's defeating the whole g17 armors patch
  • which items are required for new engraves?
  • i agree, its 1year+ i am not doing arena because of the times, but trust me they aren't gonna change it, they probably dont even know how to
  • some news from china http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/gamenews/20190617/81566.shtml i suppose new engraves for helm chest and cape http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/bulletin/20190618/81572.shtml i think lvl 100 star charts http://w2i.wanmei.com/news/gamenews/201…
  • yea too bad that moonlight crystals are unachievable due to low drop rate and low playerbase doing runs, thus g17r3 armors are just not for us... if you remove procs from g17 armors (due to no way to obtain moonlight crystal), there is no reason you…
  • (Quote) i see... thank god... there is still that 3x500%
  • (Quote) oh i see LOL that is a pretty big typo jesus
  • why is none talking about tech turret mode + 3x (glyphed) 500% base damage skill= 3x 1000%... why is none talking about edge transforming all the damage he receives into physical damage...