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  • Yes, sorry, that is what I meant. I was just using a set as an example, and personally I find that the closer you are towards, endgame, the more likely you are to use two sets of gear, because you will find yourself PVP/NW/TWing more (hence need defense and HP), and you may also find yourself being able to survive with…
  • Thanks a lot! That really helps. Yeah TT99 is pretty weak. But because r8r boots have a really low chance on getting int, I guess the alternative would be to get TT99 feet and arms, and then get a nirvy helmet?
  • ^ i used to be able to do that with high ping very easily. just cancel flight and before the game cancels your flight, use a skill, such as self heal. when you hit the ground you will still have wings, but if you take a step, you lose them.
  • Another question...does engraving roll over?
  • Okay thanks a lot Asterelle. You saved the day once again with the best answer b:thanks
  • So basically that is the first set of armor you will get? Also, how do you go about getting another set of the Legacy/Rebirth armor if you already NPCed it? I know you can buy the weapon again for 1mil but can you buy the armor again too?
  • nothing against you, OP, but I would say no to the idea, because making that buff available would mean in PVP, those who get buffed have the advantage, but those who don't don't. It would mean more power goes to those who have alts, which I'm pretty sure is not the intent of the game.
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  • Interesting picture. I wonder if there will soon be another way. But yeah, bloods are tedious to farm, since they all come from the same exact quests that you gotta do every....single...day....for a few months lol.
  • Just curious if anyone knows anything about it. Has anyone gotten the first reward yet? Technically it has already been 3 days since it started (may 6, 7, 8) so I assumed people should have gotten it already.
  • Thanks. I also heard there are two other dailies in primal world that give them bloods?
  • Funny, but I hope you know that's not true.
  • My favorite are the foxwing supremes lv60 near the starting cities :D